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Students Participating in PUMPkinFIt Event


Turn Up Your Activity

Fitober encourages the campus community to get active in the month of October as ongoing movement is key to overall wellbeing. Teams made up of students, faculty/staff, and Campus Rec members log their physical activity from October 1-31. Participants can log any type of physical activity such as cardio, weight lifting, group fitness classes, intramural sports activities, or even just a brisk stroll.

This is also a friendly competition between Fitober teams. Teams with the highest overall physical activities at the end of October will be awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd with prizes associated with each place. 

How to Register

  • Enrollment for this event is completely free.
  • Register your team via this google form by October 5 at 5 pm.
  • Four per team
  • Teams can be a mix of students, faculty/staff, or Campus Rec members.
  • Create a unique Halloween or Fitness related team name. The most creative team name will win a prize. 
  • One representative from each team is encouraged to attend a brief Zoom meeting (Sept. 30 at 6:00) to go over the rules and details of Fitober. 

General Guidelines

  • All physical activity must be entered in minutes.
  • Physical activity does not have to be completed at the MRC.
  • We will not accept step counting via a smartwatch or activity tracker. 10,000 steps do not equal 24 hours of physical activity.
  • We will be using the honor system so please be truthful when logging your hours.
  • Teams will be emailed a Google Form on September 30, the day before the event starts where they will submit their physical activity in minutes.
  • You will be asked to fill out your team name, your name, activity completed, and the physical activity in minutes.
  • Physical activity time must be submitted by each Friday at 5 pm when we lock the Goggle Form. 
  • The Google Form will open back up on Saturday morning.
  • Each week a leaderboard will be created with the total number of physical activity in minutes per team.
  • Weekly reminders will be emailed out with upcoming information such as updated leaderboard and special events coming up worth triple the minutes!
  • If you attend a Fitober fitness special event from the list below, you will be able to multiple your minutes in that activity by 3.
  • Each week one lucky Fitober participant will be randomly drawn to win a Campus Rec fitness prize. 

Event Schedule:
  • PUMPkin Fit: In-person, The MAC, October 5, 6:15p-7:15p, (Pre-Register on IMLeagues)
  • Bench Press Workshop: In-Person, 124 MRC classroom, October 7, 5:15p-6:16p (Pre-Register on IMLeagues)
  • Debunking Fitness Myths Workshop: In-Person, 124 MRC classroom, 5:15p-6:15p (Pre-Register on IMLeagues)
  • Trick or Treat Triathlon: In-person, Oct 15 5:15p-6:15p Great OutRoars (Pre-Register on IMLeagues)
  • Halloween Hip-Hop Specialty Class Oct 28th (6:30p-7:30p) Activity Room (Pre-Register on IMLeagues)

What Type of Physical Activity Can You Track?
  • Cardio – Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, walking your dog, etc.
  • Endurance and strength training
  • Recreational, collegiate, or club sports games or practice.
    • Can only log one hour of time for sporting events and practices.
  • Group Fitness classes
  • Rock climbing or utilizing the climbing wall
  • Anything active!

Prize Winnings
  • 1st Place: Pick from an amazon smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker, or Bluetooth earbuds
  • 2nd Place: Pick from after 1st places picks
  • 3rd Place: Last pick of prizes
  • Weekly prize drawing: Campus Rec shaker bottles or stretch bands
  • Most creative team name: Halloween Bundle Pack