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Wellbeats Yoga


Campus Recreation has partnered with Wellbeats to offer virtual in-person Group Fitness Classes in the Activity Room at the MRC.  

Wellbeats Virtual Fitness is a premier on-demand fitness provider that delivers fitness classes, challenges, and fitness assessments.

With over 500 virtual fitness classes in 30 channels, there’s something for every age, interest, and fitness level. From cycling to yoga, to quick office breaks, there is a class for anyone.

Patrons can utilize the Wellbeats system anytime there is no group fitness class or reservation in the Activity Room.  

How to use the Wellbeats system in the Activity Room:
  • The Wellbeats monitor is located at the front right corner of the Activity Room in the MRC.
  • Start by pressing the “On” button on the panel underneath the Wellbeats monitor. This will turn on the projector. Please refrain from pressing either input buttons below as this can turn off the video feed. If you are in need of assistance please ask a building supervisor for help.
  • The projector screen will already be down and the feed from the monitor should appear on the screen. Browse through the hundreds of fitness class options, participate in a month-long challenge, or try out a Fit Test.
  • You can use the filter button on the Wellbeats main page to find a class that perfectly fits you!
  • All of the electronics are pre-set so please refrain from pressing the volume up or down buttons below the monitor.
  • If you need a specific piece of equipment for your class that isn’t on the activity room floor please ask the building supervisor to assist you with what you need.
  • We ask that after you are done with your workout to please press the “Off” button located under the monitor twice to shut down the projector.
  • If you asked the building supervisor to assist you with receiving a piece of equipment we ask you to please ask them again to put away the equipment.
  • Enjoy your workout!
Use the Wellbeats app or web portal:
  • Download the app or use the to stream classes at home until September 30. 
  • Code: 7D6990A5

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