Please see our memberships reopening page regarding membership during our reopening phases. 

Campus Recreation offers various memberships to students, faculty/staff, and the surrounding community.

Membership Benefits:

  • Free Access to all Campus Recreation Facilities
    • Morris Recreation Center
    • Great OutRoars
    • Cain Sports Complex
    • Outdoor Adventure Center
  • Free workout and shower towel service
  • Free access to Group Fitness Classes and Wellbeats
  • Free equipment rentals such as jump rope, weight belt, and racquetball rackets.
  • Discounted member rates on programs, classes, and workshops throughout the year
    • Outdoor Adventure 
    • Outdoor equipment rental
    • Swim lessons
    • Personal trainer services
    • Small group training
    • Special events
  • Access to purchase locker rental
  • Extend eligibility to partner/spouse and dependents to purchase a membership
  • Faculty/Staff members are eligible to play Intramural Sports when at the Morris Recreation Center.

Visit our Member Services Desk during hours of operations to purchase a membership! Cash, debit, credit, and checks are accepted. 

Membership Fees


Cost Term

University Student



University Faculty/Staff

$110 due to Presidents Discount


University Retiree 

$110 due to Presidents Discount


University Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduct




$155 plus a $5 ID fee



$165 plus a $5 ID fee



$50 plus a $5 ID fee






$155 plus a $5 ID fee

Student Memberships

Currently enrolled A&M-Commerce students who have paid the Rec Sports Fee are automatically members of Campus Recreation. Students are only members for the current semester they are paying activity fees or have purchased a membership.

Those students who would like to use the facility during the summer who are not enrolled in each summer session will need to purchase a membership.

Certain academic programs are not assessed the Rec Sports Fee and therefore do not receive automatic access. Those wishing to purchase a membership will be assessed the student fee price. 

University Faculty/Staff Membership

Current faculty and staff must present their staff Lion Card when purchasing a membership. Membership at the price of $110 due to the President's Discount. 

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduct

Current faculty/staff must be a permanent, full-time employee to take advantage of payroll deduction. Temporary employees are not eligible.  Must present faculty/ staff Lion Card when purchasing payroll deduct.

Pay the first month upfront, and have subsequent months taken out of your paycheck. Payroll Deduct Memberships are available in 2 semesters or 12-month options. Please see below for member details. 

Download Payroll Deduct Form Here.

Please return to our Member Services Desk with the initial monthly payment of $27.50. Cash, Credit, and Debit are accepted. 

To cancel payroll deduction:
1. Fill out the Payroll Cancellation Form
2. Submit it to the MRC Member Services Front Desk or email Sarah Shea.
3. A final deduction will take plus the upcoming month to cover the current month of membership.

University Retiree

Retiree status will be verified with the university after purchase and before access is given.  Must provide a picture ID when purchasing a membership. You may use your old student ID or purchase a membership ID from us at $5.

Alumni Memberships

An A&M Commerce alumni are considered to be any person that has graduated from A&M Commerce. Must have an alumni membership and membership card with the Alumni Office. Must provide a picture ID when purchasing a membership.

You may use your old student ID or purchase a membership ID from us at $5.

Spouse and Dependents Memberships

Spouses and dependents of those affiliated with the university. You must be sponsored as a direct affiliate of the university and must provide their contact info when signing up for verification.  Must purchase a membership ID from us at $5.

Community Memberships

Community members are patrons who are 16 or older and not affiliated with the university. You may use your old student ID or purchase a membership ID from us at $5.

Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships are available in 30-day cycles. Memberships begin the day they are purchased and expire 30 days after. These memberships must be renewed by the 30-day mark in-person to avoid a lapse in service. 

You may use your old student ID or purchase a membership ID from us at $5.

Weekly Memberships

Weekly memberships begin the day they are purchased and expire 7 days after.  A picture ID is required at the point of purchase.

Waiver Requirements

  • All guests purchasing a membership must sign a waiver.
  • Purchasing a membership for anyone under 17 will require the parent/guardian/adult chaperone (18 or older) to sign a dependent waiver at the time of initial pass purchase.

Membership Details

  • A $5 replacement fee will be assessed for any lost membership ID cards.
  • Campus Recreation does not sell or assign parking permits. All permits must be purchased from the Cashiers Office located inside the BA Building during their hours of operation.
  • All members and guests must obey all departmental and university policies. Failure to do so will result in termination of membership without a refund.
  • All membership sales are final and cannot be refunded.
  • Memberships cannot be prorated. 
  • Please visit our Policies and Procedures area for full details on the usage of Campus Recreation facilities, programs, and services.