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Family Housing

Family Housing is available in West Halls. Apartments consist of a kitchen, living room, two equal sized bedrooms, dressers and built-in closet. Kitchens come equipped with a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, cabinets, and small pantry. Microwaves are not provided but are allowed. 


All apartments are furnished and include a multi-piece (mobile/moveable) couch, full bed and two bunked twin beds. Some apartments have a kitchen table with 2-4 chairs. Apartments have heat and air conditioning. Each apartment has both an Ethernet port and a cable connection. The apartments also have wifi. Smoke detectors are located in the living area.

Family apartments are available for students having spouses and/or dependent children living with them. In order to be considered for family housing the potential applicant must fill out a family housing application, submit a $100 application fee, provide marriage license and/or birth certificates for children.


Residential Living and Learning provides use of laundry facilities to all West residents at no additional cost. The laundry facilities are located in a building just south of West Halls.


The Family & West Halls Office is located in the New Pride Community Center. Family and West Hall staff is composed of one Community Director and one Resident Assistant.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8AM-12pm
Saturday & Sunday: 2PM-4PM and 6PM-12pm
Phone: (903) 468-4422


All facilities in University Housing are non-smoking.


Family apartments have an open visitation policy. However, policy indicates that no children under 16 are allowed to spend the night. A guest may not spend the night more than 2 out of 15 consecutive days. You may not have more than two guests at any time, and all guests need to be accompanied at all times. For additional policies, please see the Residential Living and Learning Community Standards.

Break Housing

Please see break housing details.


No pets are allowed (except fish in a 10 gal aquarium).

Items not allowed in housing:

Candles/Incense/Oil Lamps (anything with an open flame)
Halogen Lamps
Portable Heaters (anything with heat coils)
Extension Cords
Grills may be stored on the patio/balconies. Grilling is not allowed on the patio/balconies but may be done at the pavilion or in the parking lot.

Floor & Room Plan

West Halls