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New Pride Apartments

New Pride Apartments are made up of 50 2-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments and 50 4-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments and a community center. These apartments are available to male and female students. New Pride Apartments are open to upperclassman, single students. Please note that graduate housing scholarships can not be applied to New Pride Apartments. Undergraduate housing scholarships can be applied to New Pride Apartments.


Each bedroom includes a bed, closet, dresser, bookshelf, large shelves, and a desk with a chair. The bathroom has a shower/bathtub. The kitchen has a full size stove/oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, oven, refrigerator, pantry space, cupboards, and a table with four chairs. The living room is comprised of a couch, arm chair, coffee table, and two stackable cubes. All apartments have a patio with an outdoor storage closet. Each living room and bedroom has extended cable service and an Ethernet connection. A smoke detector is located in each bedroom and in the living room. Each apartment is equipped with central heat and air that can be controlled within each apartment unit.


Residential Living and Learning provides free laundry to all New Pride residents at no additional cost. The laundry facilities are located at the New Pride community center and include ten washers and dryers.


The New Pride office is located in the Community Center. New Pride Apartments' Staff is composed of one Community Director and six Resident Assistants.

Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday: 8AM - 2AM
Thursday & Friday: 8AM-4PM
Saturday & Sunday, 2PM - 4PM and 6PM - 4AM
Phone: (903) 468-4422

Community Center includes:

Water Filter
Soda Machines
TV lounge
Outside of the community center are tables, benches, and trash receptacles. 


All facilities in University Housing are non-smoking.


New Pride Apartments have an open visitation policy. However, policy indicates that no children under 16 are allowed to spend the night. A guest may not spend the night more than 2 out of 15 consecutive days. You may not have more than two guests at any time, and all guests need to be accompanied at all times. For additional policies, please see the Residential Living and Learning Community Standards.

Break Housing

Break housing fees are included in the room rate for Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks.


The only pets allowed are fish in a maximum capacity tank of 10 gallons. One fish tank per resident.

Items not allowed in housing:

Candles/Incense/Oil Lamps (anything with an open flame)
Halogen Lamps
Portable Heaters (anything with heat coils)
Extension Cords
String Lights
Grills may be stored on the patio/balconies. Grilling is not allowed on the patio/balconies but may be done at the pavilion or in the parking lot.

Floor & Room Plan

2 Bedroom Apartment
New Pride Double
4 Bedroom Apartment

New Pride Quad