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Sorority Housing

The Sorority Halls are two-story residence halls that house females who are involved in either one of the four sororities. The F Buildings are made up of double occupancy rooms (with a private room option), community showers, lounges and large kitchen. The F Buildings are located next door to Binnion Hall and provide residence to the following organizations:

Alpha Phi
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Chi Omega
Gamma Phi Beta
Kappa Delta

Each bedroom includes two beds, two desks (with chairs), two closets with drawers, shelves, and smoke detector. Each room has extended cable service and an Ethernet connection.

Restrooms are located on each floor (two upstairs) and include two showers, two toilets and three sinks. There is also a guest bathroom located on the first floor adjacent to the main lounge.

Residential Living and Learning provides free laundry for all F Hall residents. Laundry facilities are located in each building on the first floor. There is one washer and dryer per building.

Phone: (903) 468-3010
The hall office for the F Buildings is located in Prairie Crossing Apartments. There is one hall director and one resident assistant. 

All facilities in University Housing are non-smoking.

10am - 2am

The only pets allowed are fish in a 10 gallon aquarium (maximum size). One aquarium per resident.

Items not allowed in housing:
Candles/Incense/Oil Lamps (anything with an open flame)
Halogen Lamps
Portable Heaters (anything with heat coils)
Extension Cords
Any other cooking appliances with the exception of a microwave.

Rooms and Floor Plans

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