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Temp Housing

Residential Living and Learning office must hold spaces for the various groups housed on campus. We hold bed space for our Living Learning Communities so that the chosen students can live together as part of the development of those groups.

However, holding these spaces until the LLC groups are chosen blocks off over 200 beds. This causes our available bed space to fill more quickly. But once the LLCs are chosen, we will pull those students from their general beds into the LLC floors. This domino effect will open the 200+ beds.

While we wait for the LLC rosters, we have created "Whitley Temp Rooms" so that Recent High School grads can choose a bed and thus see the Room Swap page. As the beds are available, students can choose a new bed through the Room Swap option. While some beds will show up in Room Swap during June, we expect the majority of the rooms to become available mid-July.

If a student chooses a Whitley Temp Space but hasn't chosen a new location by opening, the RLL office will reassign the student.

Please call our office at 903-886-5797 for any questions or concerns.