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Whitley Hall

Whitley Hall is a twelve story high-rise building that houses both male and female students. it also offers many opportunities to get involved through programs sponsored by resident assistants and the Resident Hall Association. Whitley Hall is open to all classifications. A convenient parking lot is located directly behind the building, and each room has extended cable service and WIFI.

Each double bedroom includes two xl twin beds, a nightstand, two desks, two chairs, a sink, and a closet. Each private bedroom includes a bed, nightstand, desk, chairs, sink, and a wardrobe closet. Private and Double Bedrooms share an adjoining bathroom facility which includes a shower and toilet.


Residential Living and Learning provides free laundry for all Whitley Hall residents. Laundry facilities are located on each floor adjacent to the lounges.  There is also a large laundry room on the first floor for all residents.


The main office is located on the first floor near the Whitley lobby.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8am-12pm
Saturday - Sunday, 2pm - 4pm and 6pm - 12pm
Phone: (903) 886-5790

Main Lobby Includes:

Vending Machines
TV lounge with big screen TV
Pool, pingpong and foosball tables
Three Elevators


All facilities in University Housing are non-smoking.


Family apartments have an open visitation policy. However, policy indicates that no children under 16 are allowed to spend the night. A guest may not spend the night more than 2 out of 15 consecutive days. You may not have more than two guests at any time, and all guests need to be accompanied at all times. For additional policies, please see the Residential Living and Learning Community Standards.

Break Housing

Please see break housing details.


The only pets allowed are fish in a 10 gallon aquarium (maximum size). One aquarium per resident.

Items not allowed in housing:

Candles/Incense/Oil Lamps (anything with an open flame)
Halogen Lamps
Portable Heaters (anything with heat coils)
Extension Cords
String Lights
Any other cooking appliances with the exception of a microwave.

Floor and Room Plan

Double Suite

Whitley 2-4

Private Room on the Left, Double Room on the Right—floor furniture may be set up as a private/double, private/private, or double/double depending on occupancy needs for the year.  Please pay attention to the room type during room selection.

Whitly 5

Basic Dimensions

Due to the design of the building, these are not guaranteed but most fall in theses ranges.

Windows: 11 feet x 5.2 feet