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Drop and Dash 2020

Beat the crowds, traffic, and lines! 

Campus Move-in days are busy with lots of good energy, sun, and other people. COVID-19 has created an additional layer of complexity to campus processes, including our own. 

The Drop & Dash program offers a convenient way for all campus residents to drop off their belongings on the Sunday and Monday before Move-in to their assigned room.

Benefits of participating in Drop & Dash include:

  1. Getting belongings in the space early so that Move-In is easier on you and your guests
  2. Reduced interactions with others where six (6’) feet of distance is more difficult during Move-In
  3. Speeding up the Check-In process and focusing on setting your room up during Move-In

To sign-up for Drop & Dash, please visit our online payment and reservation page.

The last day to sign up is the Monday before the Drop & Dash date. Requests might not be taken after this time. 

Requests are granted based on when they are received, with only a limited number of slots due to distancing and building density guidelines. Once you are signed up, please be on the lookout for a confirmation email with your scheduled drop off time. Confirmation emails will be sent out on August 12th

There is $25 fee for Drop & Dash.

Please remember all requests for Drop & Dash are subject to the availability of the space the resident is moving into. If the fall semester space is not ready for a student by August 12th, due to construction, summer housing needs, or maintenance and housekeeping concerns, we may not be able to grant the request.


1. Complete Marketplace Reservation by August 10th at 5pm through our online payment and reservation page. Select 'none' for the delivery method.

2. You will receive an email confirmation with your scheduled drop time by August 12th

3.  Upon arrival, you will need to check-in at our central location-parking lot 4 (in front of Halladay Student Services Building) before heading to your assigned residence hall.  Plan to arrive 15-30 minutes before your timeslot to get through the check-in process.  

4. After check-in head to your assigned residence hall and begin moving your belongings in. You will have one hour.  Failure to arrive at scheduled time could result in loss of your participation in the Drop & Dash program; refunds will not be provided.  

Things to Remember

  • You will need to return to the hall front desk to check out and a housing staff member will lock your room door.
  • All belongings in Whitley Hall and Phase III (double rooms) need to be kept on one side of the room in order accommodate your roommate’s belongings at move-in.
  • Residential Living and Learning is not responsible for any items left in the room.
  • Bring a dolly or cart to assist with moving.
  • No more than two guests per resident are permitted in the building due to COVID restrictions (recommend no children or grandparents).
  • Students and guests are required to wear a mask. 


Q: Can I set up my student’s room during this time?
A: Unfortunately, this time is not available for set up. This time is used to drop things off so that you can lighten the load and the burden of moving everything in on move-in day. You are however allotted ONE HOUR to move things in. If you finish before your hour is over then you are free to start setting things up.

Q: How can I pay & how much is it?
A: The fee is $25. Payment must be provided in advance through our online payment system via Marketplace.

Q: What if I don’t sign up in time?
A: We will try to accommodate you the best we can, but due to summer staffing, we will be taking each request on a first come, first served basis with those who have signed up having top priority.