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Living Learning Communities

What is a living learning community (LLC)?

LLCs are initiatives that combine academic learning communities with a residential component, allowing students to live and learn in a residence hall environment. This provides opportunities for learning to continue outside of the classroom. They are often partnerships between campus housing and academic or student services departments.

Benefits of participating in a LLC

  • Extracurricular learning experiences
  • Relationships with faculty and staff
  • Increased GPA
  • Higher likelihood of graduation in four years

Types of LLCs

Academic LLCs: Academic LLCs offer students with the same academic interest and or specific topic areas to live together in a designated residence hall on campus.  Academic LLCs are sponsored by an academic department and will have faculty and staff that will provide additional academic and or extra-curricular programming for participants.

Interest or Themed LLCs: Interest or themed based LLCs offer students with the same interest such as community service or leadership to live together in a designated residence hall on campus. Interest or themed LLC provide participants with additional programing centered on their area of interest, and provide various opportunities to grow in those areas. These LLC are also sponsored by various departments including RLL.

Affinity Groups: Affinity Groups are communities that are intended to meet a specific identity development. These groups provide students the opportunity to grow and develop an understating on how identity shapes their and others experiences.

2021-2022 LLC descriptions