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We have over 140 different student organizations with more than 3,000 students involved. You can check out all of our active organizations listed on ManeSync here. We recognize the importance of getting involved on campus and want to be that resource for you! 

Spring 2019 Student Organization's Calendar


  • Mane Street Student Organization Fair
    January 15th, 4pm-6pm l  Location: RSC Conference Rooms


  • Burn Out
    February 5th, 4pm-5pm l  Location: RSC Traditions
  • Spring New Student Organization Training
    February 12th, 4pm-6pm l  Location: RSC Visions
    This training is for new student organizations that started after September 15th.
  • Student Organization Advisor Roundtable
    February 11th, 12pm-1pm l  Location: RSC Pride
  • Following Through
    February 26th, 4pm-5pm l  Location: RSC Traditions


  • Student Organization Advisor Roundtable
    March 11th, 12pm-1pm l  Location: RSC Pride
  • Student Organization Networking Night
    March 12th, 4pm-5pm l  Location: RSC Traditions
  • All Aboard Leadership Transitioning
    March 26th, 4pm-5pm l  Location: RSC Traditions


  • Student Organization Advisor Appreciation
    April 17th, 12pm l  Location: RSC Pride
  • Student Organization Awards
    April 23rd, 5pm-6:30pm l  Location: RSC Conference Rooms