Texas Section of the AAPT, Texas Section of the APS, and Zone 13 of the SPS

March 23-25, 2023

Texas A&M University-Commerce
2200 Campbell Street
Commerce, TX 75428

The joint meeting of the Texas Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (TSAAPT), the Texas Section of the American Physics Society (TSAPS) and Zone 13 of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), brings together a diverse group of physicists—researchers and teachers, students and faculty, college and high school—to show off their research, learn from each other and discuss how to enrich physics for all.

The program includes plenary talks, sessions and workshops devoted to research, teaching and the interaction between physics and society.

High school physics teachers will receive professional development certificates for sessions and workshops they attend.

For more information, email [email protected].

Plenary Speakers

A&M-Commerce is honored to host these highly regarded speakers for your professional enrichment.

Katerina Chatziioannou, Ph.D headshot

Katerina Chatziioannou, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
California Institute of Technology

“Listening to the Universe with Gravitational Waves”
Noah Finkelstein, Ph.D. headshot

Noah Finkelstein, Ph.D.

University of Colorado Boulder

“Educational Transformation at a Critical Time: The essential roles and promise of physicists”

Pamela Gossin, Ph.D.

The University of Texas at Dallas

“Across the Universe … across the Curriculum”

Dawson Lang

Jefferson Academy Secondary School

“Teaching: The Best-Kept Secret”
Michael Marder, Ph.D. headshot

Michael Marder, Ph.D.

The University of Texas at Austin

“Physics Teaching and Equity”
Claudia Ratti, Ph.D. headshot

Claudia Ratti, Ph.D.

University of Houston

“From heavy-ion to neutron
star collisions”

Registration and Abstract Submission

Register by Feb. 17, 2023, for discounted early bird pricing. Final registration closes on March 3, 2023. The deadline for abstract submission is March 3, 2023.


ClassificationEarly BirdFull
Faculty and Postdoctoral$60$70
Undergraduate and Graduate$20$25
K-12 teacher or student$20$25
One-day admission (k-12)$10
Banquet (faculty)$50
Banquet (non-faculty)$25

Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract by March 3, 2023.

Code of Conduct

Please be mindful of the Joint TSAAPT/TSAPS/Region 13 of SPS regional meeting Code of Conduct, which is adapted from the National AAPT Event Participation Code of Conduct.


The Texas Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (“TSAAPT”) is dedicated to providing a safe and productive experience for all event participants, regardless of sex, race, color, personal appearance, national origin, religion, age, physical disability, mental disability, perceived disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by federal or applicable state laws or local ordinances. (See also AAPT's Statement on Diversity in Physics Education.) TSAAPT does not tolerate discrimination, or any form of unlawful harassment, and is committed to enforcing this Event Participation Code of Conduct (the “Code”) at this event. As a professional society, the TSAAPT is committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages the free expression and exchange of scientific and educational ideas. Furthermore, TSAAPT upholds the philosophy of equal opportunity for and treatment of all event participants and staff in any event venue, whether in person or online.

Scope of Conduct

TSAAPT requires compliance with the Code by all event participants, staff, guests, and vendors at the meeting, meeting breakout sessions, tours, and social events as well as at all TSAAPT meeting-related events that are expressly sponsored or promoted by AAPT, whether held in public or private facilities (each may be referred to herein as an “Event” or collectively, as the “Events”).

Harassment Defined

Unlawful harassment includes verbal, physical, and visual conduct that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment. Harassing conduct can take many forms and includes, but is not limited to, the following: slurs, epithets, derogatory comments, insults, degrading or obscene words, jokes, demeaning statements, offensive gestures, or displaying derogatory or demeaning pictures, drawings, or cartoons based upon an individual's sex, race, color, personal appearance, national origin, religion, age, physical disability, mental disability, perceived disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by federal or applicable state laws or local ordinances.

Sexually harassing conduct in particular includes all of these prohibited actions, as well as other unwelcome conduct, such as unwanted sexual advances, whether or not the Event participant submits to the invitation; lewd propositions or innuendos; leering; making sexual gestures; making sexually suggestive or graphic comments or engaging in sexually-oriented conversation; sexually suggestive objects, graphics, pictures, or posters, whether physically displayed in the Event location or accessed over the Internet; making or using derogatory comments, epithets, slurs or jokes; the touching or display of one's own body; or physical touching or assault, as well as impeding or blocking movements.

Sexually harassing conduct can be by a person of either the same or opposite sex. It is unlawful for males to sexually harass females or other males, and for females to sexually harass males or other females. Conduct that begins as consensual in nature may become harassment if one party withdraws his or her consent. Sexual or other harassment prohibited by law is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The above is not a complete list of what may be deemed sexual or other unlawful harassment prohibited by law. It is impossible to define every action or word that could be interpreted as harassment. However, TSAAPT has a “zero tolerance” policy toward discrimination and all forms of unlawful harassment. TSAAPT reserves the right to discipline Event participants who engage in any inappropriate conduct, even if it is not specifically referred to in this Code or is not actionable as sexual or any other form of harassment.

Prohibited Conduct

Prohibited conduct at this event includes, but is not limited to:

  • harassment based on sex, race, color, personal appearance, national origin, religion, age, physical disability, mental disability, perceived disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by federal or applicable state laws or local ordinances;
  • demeaning comments or harassment about a person's professional status or qualifications;
  • sexual harassment, as defined in Section 3;
  • abusive conduct that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with another person's ability to benefit from and enjoy or participate in the Event, including social events related to the Event and sponsored by AAPT;
  • undue interruption of any Event, speaker, or session; and
  • violence or threats of violence.

Reporting an Incident

Event participants or other individuals who witness or experience inappropriate conduct at the Event, including but not limited to the prohibited conduct described above, should report such conduct immediately to the event ombudsperson Dr. Asli Ogunc ([email protected]). Dr. Ogunc is a faculty member in the Department of Economics at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Dr. Ogunc will communicate concerns to TSAAPT leadership only to the extent that the reporting individual desires.

Anyone experiencing or witnessing behavior that constitutes an immediate or serious threat to public safety at the Event is advised to locate a house phone and call and ask for security. They are not required or expected to discuss the concern with the alleged offender. TSAAPT cannot address claimed inappropriate conduct or harassment unless the claims are brought to the attention of TSAAPT leadership. Event participants are encouraged to report any incidents as quickly as such participant feels safe doing so. This will help TSAAPT decrease incidents of harassment by increasing awareness and allowing for appropriate action. TSAAPT is committed to taking all reasonable steps to prevent harassment and prohibited conduct at the Event, and will make every reasonable effort to promptly and completely address and correct any prohibited conduct that may occur.

The following guidelines for observers or targets of prohibited conduct are provided to help with an investigation. TSAAPT will make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of any supporting documentation.

  • If possible, write everything down (times, places, nature of the incident, and comments made).
  • Save emails, notes, etc.
  • Be as detailed as possible.

TSAAPT can investigate situations that arise at the Event. If an Event participant experiences inappropriate conduct or harassment at the participant's own or another institution, at a place of work, at a research facility, or online (e.g., direct emails between parties) that individual should contact the individual at that location or the individual's home institution who handles such issues, such as the Title IX Officer, Dean of Students, Human Resources Director, mental health counselor, etc.


TSAAPT will promptly and impartially investigate the facts and circumstances of any claim of inappropriate conduct or harassment at the Event, but only with the approval and cooperation of the individual(s) who experienced harassment. TSAAPT will make every effort to keep the reporting individual's concerns confidential and will not deliberately share personal information other than to the investigator(s); however, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed (for example, although efforts will be made to reduce the chances, it may be possible to infer something about the person(s) involved based upon the situation under question). If an in depth investigation is required, we will contact national AAPT, at which point national AAPT's code of conduct is in effect.

Notwithstanding, TSAAPT reserves the right, upon receipt of a complaint, if in TSAAPT's sole reasonable discretion, the nature of such complaint requires the immediate removal of an individual in order to ensure that Event may proceed safely and without undue interruption, to remove an individual without undertaking an investigation as described herein.

Retaliation is Not Tolerated

Retaliation for complaints of inappropriate conduct or harassment are also considered harassment and will not be tolerated. Retaliatory behavior in connection with the Event will be investigated in a similar manner to initial complaints.


Thursday events are located in the Keith D. McFarland Science Building. Friday and Saturday events are located on the second floor of the Rayburn Student Center unless otherwise stated.

Travel and Accommodations

Directions to A&M-Commerce

No matter where you are joining us from, we’re excited to have you in Commerce. Get directions to our campus in Northeast Texas.


Once you’re here, be sure to tour our historic campus.

Accommodations and Dining

Hunt County has plenty to offer. Check out recommended hotels and restaurants in Commerce and the county seat, Greenville.


Magnussen Hotel
2207 Culver St
Commerce, TX 75428
Room block: Spring TSAAPT

Holiday Inn Express
2901 Mustang Crossing
Greenville, TX 75402
Room block: Spring TSAAPT

Best Western Plus Monica Royale Inn & Suites
3001 Mustang Crossing Anx
Greenville, TX 75402

Comfort Suites
2005 Centerpoint Ln,
Greenville, TX 75402



Along with nationally recognized brands, here are some of our favorite spots in Greenville.

The Ashen Rose
2809 Lee St #4108
Greenville, TX

Bottlecap Alley
5804 Wesley St.
Greenville, TX

Cotton Patch Cafe
3128 I-30 Frontage Rd.
Greenville, TX

El Fenix
3102 I-30 Frontage Rd. #24
Greenville, TX

Fatto a Mano
2205 Lee Street
Greenville, TX

Mariachi Mexican Bar & Grill
5469 Wesley St.
Greenville, TX

Rancho Viejo Mexican Grill
5105 I-30 Frontage Rd.
Greenville, TX

Shogun Greenville
7215 I-30 Frontage Rd. West
Greenville, TX

Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar
3104 I-30 Frontage Rd.
Greenville, TX

Tokyo Express Greenville
3106 I-30 Frontage Rd W
Greenville, TX


Along with nationally recognized brands, here are some of our favorite spots in Commerce.

Dos Laredos Tex-Mex
1229 Washington St.
Commerce, TX

McKay’s Country Kitchen
1113 Main St.
Commerce, TX

Luigi’s Italian Cafe
1615 State Hwy 50
Commerce, TX

Lone Star Eatery Grill & Bar
2203 Culver St.
Commerce, TX

Los Mochis Restaurant
1600 Lee St.
Commerce, TX

Lulu’s Burgers
803 Culver St.
Commerce, TX

Omega’s Biscuits n’ Eggs
1814 Monroe St.
Commerce, TX

Slice of Pie
1706 Lee St.
Commerce, TX

Texas Cafe Diner
2000 Live Oak St.
Commerce, TX

Tokyo Express Commerce
2008 Live Oak St.
Commerce, TX

Travel Support

A limited number of travel awards are available for students and K-12 teachers. Students are expected to attend the major events of the meeting, including the banquet. Recipients will be notified by e-mail by March 3, 2023. A check will be issued to reimburse the applicant once attendance at the meeting is confirmed.

Complete the following steps by the abstract deadline on March 3 to be eligible for a travel award.

  • (Students only) Submit an abstract with the student as the first author and presenter
  • Complete the application form
  • Register for the event by March 3


The following accommodations will be provided at the conference. To request particular considerations, please email: [email protected]


On-campus childcare is available Friday, March 24 from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. through the A&M-Commerce Children’s Learning Center for a $40 fee. Please register below, complete pages 1, 2 and 5 in the application packet and email the packet to [email protected].

COVID-19 Protocol

We strongly encourage all attendees to be fully up-to-date on vaccinations and boosters, including the recently available bivalent vaccine and seasonal influenza (flu) shot.

We strongly recommend using N95, KN95, KF94, or FFP2 masks, or those of equivalent protection. Up to two masks will be provided to attendees at no cost. We will implement an optional social distancing sticker system for attendees.

Conference attendees are encouraged to be aware of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance including:

  • Stay up-to-date with vaccines
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if needed
  • Follow current CDC recommendations for what to do if you have been exposed
  • Stay home if you have cold or flu-like symptoms or have suspected or confirmed COVID-19. If this applies while you are already in Hunt County, please isolate yourself in your hotel room; you will still have access to the virtual meeting platform.
  • Seek treatment if you have COVID-19 and are at high risk of getting very sick.
  • Avoid contact with people who have suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

We will provide rapid antigen tests on-site for attendees who need them, and directions to local vendors for molecular PCR tests. If you take a test, we ask that you inform us of the outcome to aid in exposure notifications.

Additional Accomodations

The conference level of the venue will include the following:

  • Gender-neutral restroom
  • Nursing room
  • Quiet room


We are proud to present the following award categories during the conference.

Student Awards

These student categories will be awarded:

  • Best Undergraduate Presentation
  • Best Undergraduate Poster
  • Best Graduate Presentation
  • Best Graduate Poster


These TSAAPT categories will be awarded:

  • Mary Beth Monroe Distinguished Service Citation
  • Excellence in Physics Teaching Award
  • Robert N. Little Award
    for outstanding contributions in Texas Physics Higher Education
  • Katherine Mays Award
    for outstanding contributions in High School Physics Education in Texas, lifetime achievement award

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