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Texas Success Initiative

Texas Success Initiative (Formerly known as TASP)

With the passage of Senate Bill 286, the TASP statute has been repealed and the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) takes its place. On July 17, 2003, the Coordinating Board took emergency action to repeal the old TASP rules and adopted new rules so that institutions can implement the Texas Success Initiative beginning Fall 2003.

The new rules give institutions more flexibility in making decisions regarding how students comply with developmental education requirements. This is a major change in philosophy. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the institutions and the student will have the flexibility to design a plan that makes the most sense for the student. Most importantly, the program will not be administered at the state level. Gone is the gate keeping role institutions were forced to assume. With the Texas Success Initiative, the focus shifts from a testing program to an institution-wide effort to ensure that students are successful.

There have been major changes to all components (i.e., assessment, advisement and developmental education, course restrictions while in developmental education, determination of readiness, exemptions, and evaluation and reporting procedures). An Individual Plan for Academic Success will be created for each new student who has not met the minimum passing standard on all three sections of an approved assessment.

What is TSI?

TSI is an acronym for the Texas Success Initiative. TSI is a program that assesses a student's readiness to be successful in freshman college-level coursework.

Who must take an assessment?

All students, unless otherwise exempt (see TSI Exemptions) must take THEA, ASSET, COMPAAA or ACCUPLACER prior to enrolling in college-level courses. Students who fail a section(s) of an assessment will work with an academic advisor to develop an individual plan for academic success. Students will enroll in developmental courses until successfully completing courses. Students must retest failed area(s) if the initial score is below the deviation standard (see TSI Placement chart). Students must meet the TSI requirements before graduation.

When must all TASP requirements be met?

Students must meet all requirements prior to receiving a degree from a Texas public university.

Who is exempt from TASP?


  • Composite 23
  • English 19
  • Math 19
  • scores must be no older than 5 years


  • Composite 1070
  • Verbal 500, Math 500
  • scores must be no older than 5 years


  • English/language arts 2200
  • Essay 3
  • Math 2200
  • scores must be no older than 3 years


  • Algebra II - Level 2 (exempt from math)
  • English III - Level 2 (exempt from reading)

Other Exemptions

  • Holds an Associate or Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  • Has satisfactorily completed college-level coursework in three skill areas at a private or out-of-state institution with a grade of C or better
  • Has met readiness standards at another Texas public higher education institution
  • Serving in active military
  • Serving as a member of a reserve component of the armed forces for at least three years preceding enrollment
  • Honorably discharged, retired or released from active duty in military on or after August 1, 1990

Minimum Acceptable Test Scores for Exemption from Assessment Testing

23 (Combined)
 English/Language Arts
Level 2 (English III)
Level 2 (Algebra II)

* To Be Announced

THEA Regular Administration Schedule

Check with the Office of Student Assessment & Evaluation for details on the administration schedule of the THEA and Quick THEA.

Test Date Information

  • Arrive Saturday morning no later than 8:00 a.m.
  • Post Mark Deadline for Registration ($29.00)
    • Internet: Register up to 5:00 p.m. central time by the day of the deadline.
      Mail: Your envelope with your registration form and payment must be postmarked by the deadline date.
  • Late Registration Period (Requires an additional $20.00 fee for a total of $49.00)
    • Internet: Register up to 5:00 p.m. central time by the last day of the late registration period.
      Phone: Register during the late registration period at (512) 927-5398 weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. central time.
  • Emergency Registration Period (Limited to 6 sites across Texas - $30.00 fee for a total of $59.00)
    • Internet: Register up to 5:00 p.m. central time by the last day of the emergency registration period.
      Phone: Register during the emergency registration period at (512) 927-5398 weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. central time.

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