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Rule & Procedure Development

Texas A&M University-Commerce Rules and Procedures are developed:

         When required by system policy or regulation;

         When directed by the board chairman or chancellor;

         For matters unique to the University at the President's discretion.

The following provides guidance on developing Rules and Procedures not required by A&M System Policy or Regulation:
  • Rules are developed when system visibility (Chancellor Approval) and/or legal sufficiency (legal authority) is desired.

  • Procedures are developed when the requirements for rules are not met.
  • Department guidelines are developed when those affected by the proposed rule/procedure are in the same department/division and do not task other university departments/divisions with required action.

For further information, please reference System Regulation 01.01.01 and University Procedure 01.01.01.R0.02 located below.

A&M System Regulation: 01.01.01 Format for Policies, Regulations, Rules and Procedures

A&M-Commerce Procedure: 01.01.01.R0.02 Development and Maintenance of University Rules and Procedures