Program Approvals

The Program Approvals Process

According to the A&M System, there are four major areas for which the university provides the A&M System Office and/or THECB notification of or seeks approval for a program change:

(1) degree program or certificate program additions, deletions, or changes;

(2) distance education (online, off-campus face-to-face, and electronic-to-groups)

(3) administrative requests for changes, additions, or deletions; and

(4) creation of centers or institutes.

Some changes may require prior approval by SACSCOC or seperate notification to the Commission.

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Research provides guidance regarding A&M System, THECB, and SACSCOC policies involving proposal or prospectus requirements and the approval process.


Alison Soeder, Faculty Reports and Program Approvals Coordinator

(903) 886-5942