Basic Info and Responsibilities


  • The Act is triggered when a member of the public submits a written request to a governmental body
    • Mail or hand delivered
    • Email or Fax – Receiver should instruct requestor to submit the request directly to the Open Records Office
  • The request must ask for records or information already in existence
  • Construe the Act liberally in favor of open government
  • Treat requestors equally
  • Respond to a request without delay
  • A governmental body may not ask the requestor why they want the information or what they plan to do with it


  • Provide records electronically
  • Identify the response to each item if multiple items are requested
  • Responsive files can be zipped together and sent via filex


  • The University must adhere to strict timelines to remain in compliance with the Public Information Act
  • If timelines are not met, it may be necessary to release information that could otherwise have been withheld as an exception to disclosure


  • It is a Governmental Body’s obligation to make a good faith effort to locate and compile all documents that may be responsive to a request within the deadlines prescribed by the Act
  • Consider all records open until an exception to disclosure can be identified