Tips to Requestors to Expedite Responses

  • Be clear and concise in regard to the information you are requesting. The University is not required to do research to try to determine the scope or nature of a request.
  • When inquiring about an active request, please refer to the reference number assigned to the request by the Office of Open Records.
  • When a request for information has been withdrawn and it is necessary to submit a new request for the same information, citing reference numbers of previous requests is not an acceptable means of submitting a new request. State the exact information that is being requested and indicate the current date.
  • Provide a separate piece of correspondence for new requests. New requests can be overlooked when combined within correspondence that deals with another subject.
  • Adhere to deadlines when providing responses to cost estimates. This will eliminate the need to resubmit requests that have been closed as a result of untimely responses.
  • Provide a time period in which to search for requested information, as applicable.
  • Provide keywords to guide a search for requested information, as applicable.
  • Provide current contact information. Correspondence that cannot be delivered within the time period required by law can result in the automatic withdrawal of a request.

Your cooperation will enable this office to better accommodate your open records needs.