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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Purpose and Responsibilities

a. Foster programs, events, policies, and institutional strategies that are aligned with the university's mission, vision, and strategic plan to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion

b. Identify resources that can be utilized to assist the University in achieving its goals and objectives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion

c. Assist in cultivating university-wide knowledge and awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion

d. Identify key performance indicators to be used in the assessment of the institution's progress in meeting its goals related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Dr. Joyce Miller, chair
Dr. Alexandra Babino
Ms. Nechell Bonds
Dr. Deborah Cuffee
Dr. Quynh Dang
Mr. Jonathan Johnston
Ms. Linda King
Dr. Scott Lancaster
Dr. Marta Mercado-Sierra
Ms. Sandi Patton
Dr. Josh Thompson
Ms. Jasmine Williams