Business as a field of study is very practical – everything has a “business” side to it! Whether your passion is social media, basketball, or starting your own company, every industry needs accountants, marketers, managers, financial analysts, and data analytics professionals.  In other words, business majors!
The College of Business at Texas A&M Commerce has been transforming lives through business education since 1920. Accredited by AACSB since 1975, our graduates are employed in financial services, manufacturing, sales, advertising and market research, accounting, information technology, and general management as well as in a wide range of educational, municipal, state and federal government agencies.  Others capitalize on their business education and skills and pursue entrepreneurship.
The College of Business curriculum is designed to challenge and sustain a student’s intellectual curiosity while providing the general and specialized knowledge necessary for professional success, personal growth, and responsible citizenship. Business majors learn how to research information using quantitative skills, develop creative solutions to real-world business problems, and successfully implement solutions by collaborating as members of diverse teams. In addition to providing an understanding of the major functional areas of business and industry, we ensure students are prepared for the social, ethical, regulatory, global, political, and cultural environments within which American enterprise exists and operates. Because organizational and individual success requires well-developed soft skills in addition to traditional business acumen, communication and interpersonal skills are an important aspect of our business curriculum, too.
At the College of Business you’ll find:
·        An AACSB-accredited program since 1975
·        Engagement with exceptional faculty who are both significant scholars and leaders of industry
·        Career Services Center specific to business students where we help you find and obtain an internship or job
·        Global exposure through diverse faculty and opportunities for international travel
·        Access to College of Business specific scholarships
If what you desire is an education that works, become part of the College of Business. Prepare for a world of opportunity!