Course Information

Up to forty-two hours of graduate credit are required for students without undergraduate preparation in accounting. However, students with appropriate previous coursework can have the foundation courses waived.

Course Inventory

Foundation Study in Accounting - 6 hours

These 2 pre-requisite courses can be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate coursework.
Course Number Description
Acct 501 Accounting for Managers
Acct 502 Financial Accounting

Accounting Core - 24 hours

Course Number Description
Acct 595 Accounting Research
Acct 525 Advanced Managerial Accounting
Acct 527 Auditing
Acct 568 Business Law for Accountants
Acct 575 Financial Statement Analysis
Acct 562 Forensic and Investigative Accounting
Acct 522 Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting
Acct 538 Individual Income Taxes

Advanced Accounting Core - 6 hours

Course Number Description
Acct 540 Advanced Income Tax Accounting
Acct 521 Advanced Accounting

Accounting Electives - 6 hours (Choose 2)

Course Number Description
Acct 528 Advanced Auditing
Acct 529 Accounting Information Systems
Acct 530 Business Ethics for Accountants
Acct 531 International Accounting
Acct 541 Accounting Theory
Acct 550 Sales, Use, Franchise, and other Taxes
Acct 551 Advanced Issues in Taxes
Acct 563 Advanced Forensic Investigations
Acct 564 Practicum in Forensics
Acct 576 Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning
Acct 577 Investment Planning
Acct 588 Independent Accounting Research
Acct 597 Special topics