Course Information

Program Format

Thirty-three hours of graduate credit are required for students without undergraduate preparation in management. However, students with appropriate previous coursework may be able to waive the foundation course (prior coursework will be evaluated by the Graduate Coordinator). 

Foundation Study in Management - 9 hours

This course can be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate coursework.

MGT 503 - Must have 3 hours each in Mgt, Acct, Mkt & Fin (C or better)

Core Courses

MGT 595 Mgt Research Methods
MGT 585 Management & Organizational Behavior
Mgt 571 Managerial Metrics and Decision Making (pre-req Mgt 595 & 585)
MGT 592 Human Resource Management
Mgt 575 Operations Management
Mgt 527 Strategic Management (Last Semester)

Electives 12 Hours Required (Choose 4 of the below)

Mgt 550 Corp Governance and Sustainability
Mgt 555 Project Management
Mgt 567 Managing Groups and Teams
Mgt 576 Global Supply Chain Mgt
Mgt 574 Business Law
Mgt 577 Six Sigma
Mgt 583 Seminar in Leadership
Mgt 591 Quality Management

MINOR: (additional electives are required for a minor. A minor is NOT required)

Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Corporate Management, Entrepreneurship

Other graduate courses may be approved by the Director of Graduate Programs In Business.

For program specific questions please contact: