SAP Student Recognition Award Program

Texas A&M Commerce has been granted permission to present students with an SAP Student Recognition Award by the SAP University Alliance.  This award signifies the student has developed a detailed understanding of SAP concepts and has gained an introductory proficiency in SAP.  Employers have stated that this training, and the subsequent award, are considered a valuable skill and would be highly considered in employment decisions.

Students must successfully complete three (3) of the following courses to receive the award. 


MGT 307 - Operations Management

MGT 340 - Quality Management and Improvement

MGT 441 - Purchasing & Supply Management


MGT 591 - Quality Management

MGT 597 – Supply Chain Management

MGT 597 – Operations Management

This list is effective for courses taken after January 1, 2019.  Additional courses may be added to this list in the future.