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Graduate Assistant Application

Counseling Masters' Degree Plans

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Degree Plan

(admitted after Fall 2013 - 60 Hour)

School Counseling Degree Plan (51 hrs.)

School Counseling Degree Plan

(admitted after 2014 Fall - 60 Hour)

School Counseling Degree Plan 

(admitted before Fall 2014-49 Hour)

Community Counseling Degree Plan

(admitted before Fall 2013 - 49 Hour)

Student Affairs Degree Plan

Counseling Masters' Handbooks & Other Information

ACA - 2014

Master's Handbook 2014

Master's Handbook Revised 2015

Master's Handbook Revised April 2016

Master's Handbook Revised February 2018

Student Affairs Track Information Sheet

Counseling Student Competency Evaluation - effective Summer 2007

Department Retention/Dismissal Procedure - effective Summer 2007

Counseling Doctoral Forms

ACA - 2014

Doctoral Handbook 2015

Doctoral Handbook 2014

Doctoral Degree Plan 2013

Doctoral Degree Plan (Fall 2010: PDF)

Doctoral Degree Plan (Fall 2010: Word File)

Doctoral Comps Registration

Doctoral Residency Activity Record

Counseling Doctoral 660s Forms

660 Advanced Practicum Petition

660 Teaching Proposal

660 Supervision Proposal

660 Internship Proposal 

660 Advanced Practicum Record of Hours

660 Internship Record of Hours

660 Evaluation of Field Site

660 Supervisor Evaluation of Adv. Practicum/Internship Student

660 Client Consent Form

660 Client Consent Form (660 forma de consentimiento de cliente)