Clinical Training

Deadlines for Spring 2018 

Applications Deadline: Friday, November 10, 2017



IMPORTANT - Documents and forms must be turned in no later than one week prior to the 1st class day. All students who have not turned in all required documents will be removed from the clinical classes. As soon as your application has been accepted, we will begin to ask for the required documents. 

All documents are required to be turned in for COUN 551 & COUN 552

  • Degree plan in your file 
  • Personal counseling note in your file.  
  • Field Site Form (for students to complete) All 551 & 552 students must complete this form so we know your site and your supervisor. 
  • Field Site Information Form (for new sites to complete for approval) 
  • Orientation (for 551 & 552) 

Other Documents/Forms: 

Clinical Sequence:

COUN 516 - Basic Skills - 3 hrs
COUN 548 - Advanced Basic Skills - 3 hrs
COUN 551 - Practicum - 3 hrs 
COUN 552 - Internship I - 3 hrs
COUN 552 - Internship II - 3 hrs

Applications are to be completed the semester before you intend to the class. All applications must be approved before you will be permitted and allowed to enroll in the class.

Late or incomplete applications are NOT guaranteed consideration.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Track Students
(and school counseling students seeking a Clinical Mental Health Counseling placement) Prior to applying for field placement, you should review the Field Site List