MEd, MS, & MA in Reading

Advising Guide for Masters in Reading (PDF)

Program Description

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction offers an online master’s degree program in reading. The major in reading prepares graduates for careers in both public and private educational settings in which the primary focus addressing the needs of students in the context of reading. A graduate should possess competencies in various areas of literacy including reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and visual representation. This knowledge contributes to a broader understanding of, but not limited to, curriculums, instruction, and literacy dynamics that students face in an ever growing global community.

Reading Faculty

Juan Araujo, Ph.D. 

Kay Hong-Nam, Ph.D.

Kathryn Dixon Ph.D.

Susan Szabo, Ed.D.

Tami Morton Ph.D. (Program Coordinator)

  • Masters of Science
    • Masters Reading Teacher (MRT) certificate is embedded within this masters' option
  • Master of Education
    • MRT and Reading Specialist certificates are embedded within this masters' option
  • Master of Arts
    • Thesis option
    • No additional certificate
    Contact Dr. Tami Morton with questions about Graduate degrees in Reading.