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Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree Programs

At the graduate level, the Department offers advanced programs in supervision, curriculum, and instruction which extend the knowledge and intellectual maturity of the student. The curriculum, moreover, offers educational preparation emphasizing specialized skills and creative independence enabling graduates to function at a high level of performance as curriculum specialists, bilingual/ESL specialists, general classroom teachers from Pre-K through secondary levels, gifted and talented specialists, reading specialists, supervisors of curriculum & instruction, and studies which prepare the student for studies at the doctoral level.

Four Master's Degrees

  • Early Childhood Education (MEd or MS)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (MEd or MS)
  • Reading (MEd, MS, or MA)
  • Secondary Education (MEd or MS)

Click on the links in the menu bar to the left to learn more about each degree program. All programs offer the Master of Education (MEd) and Master of Science (MS) degree, reading offers the MEd, MS, and the Master of Arts (MA) degree. All programs require 36 semester hours of approved coursework of which 18-27 hours are in the major and 9-18 hours of electives. These generous electives allow you to take additional courses in your major, explore other areas of interest, gain expertise in a second field of study, or work on graduate level certifications such as Gifted and Talented, Bilingual/ESL Education or the Master Reading Teacher, all of which are offered in the department.

Master's Degree with Initial Teacher Certification

If you have a bachelor's degree but not teacher certified in Texas, why not enroll in the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification (PBTC) Program and earn your Texas teaching certificate and the master’s degree at the same time. The 15-18 hours of certification courses are used, with advisor approval, as electives in any of the four master’s degree programs offered in the department. In most cases, certification and the degree are both completed within the 36 hours required for the degree. Click on the “Alternative Certification” link in the menu bar to the left to learn more and enroll in the AC program.

Electives, Certifications, and Minor Studies

Depending on the major, all four majors allow 9 - 18 hours of electives. Electives are used in a variety of ways: (1) take additional work in your major; (2) explore other areas of interest, (3) gain expertise in a second field of study; or (4) work on graduate level certifications. Electives may be taken in the department or in other departments of the College and University. Examples of study areas that many graduate students pursue are listed below along with contact information. Each has a link in the menu bar to the left with more information.

   Alternative Certification (12-18 Hours depending on the certification)

   Bilingual Education. (12 Hours)

   English as a Second Language (ESL) (12 Hours)

   Gifted and Talented (12 Hours)

   Master Reading Teacher (9 Hours)

Five Steps from Admission to Graduation

Step 1. Select Your Program. Explore each of the links to the four master’s degree programs and select the one that fits best with your professional career goals. Download the advising guide to your computer.

Step 2. Apply for Admissions.  Complete and submit your online application through or you may contact the Graduate School. 

Step 3. Select An Advisor. For each advising guide several advisors are listed. Identify the one you wish to contact the send that advisor in which you introduce yourself, ask any questions you have, and request a signed advising guide.

Step 4. Take Your Courses. You can manage your own enrollment using DegreeWorks. Most courses do not have prerequisites and many of them are offered online.

Step 5. Take Your Final Two Steps to Graduate. During the first week of your final semester you must (1) apply for graduation and (2) submit the application to take the comprehensive examination. See Page 2 of your advising guide for specific instructions.

**If you are applying to the program above and are an H1B or H4 applicant, please contact the Graduate School for details at