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B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Middle Level Certification)

EDCI offers a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies to prepare future educators to teach 4-8 grade levels. Students have several degree options in the 4-8 Middle Level program. Becky Adams is the program coordination for MLED and can help students interested in any of the areas get on the right track to becoming an outstanding educator in 4-8. Degree options include:

4-8 Course & Internship Prerequisites (Please note that the 4-8 Middle Level lists are towards the bottom of the page. Once you go to the link, scroll down until you see the Middle Level sections.)

Since the implementation of No Child Left Behind, students in grades 4-8 must demonstrate a degree of competency in a particular subject area. Specialized courses in each of the content areas prepare the educator to meet the requirements of being highly qualifies in that area.

Content provided by Becky Adams.