Membership in Phi Delta Kappa

Educators and aspiring educators who are in their professional courses may join Phi Delta Kappa and this chapter. A traditional induction ceremony is offered by the chapter several times each year in order to welcome new members. Those who are unable to be present for the ceremony may also join the chapter. Below is a photo of a group that has joined our chapter. In addition to the International certificate which PDK mails to new members the chapter presents a chapter certificate for those who attend our ceremony.


Several types of membership are available in the A&M-Commerce Chapter

Regular membership - open to those have completed a bachelor’s degree and are committed to education as a profession. A new member may be proposed or sponsored by a current member or apply for membership. One or more induction ceremonies are held each year for regular members. The induction fee is $85 and includes the first year of dues, both international and chapter, and a local and international certificate of membership. Members receive the association’s journal, the Phi Delta Kappan and other communications from the international HQ and the chapter newsletter Acanthus Leaves.

Undergraduate membership - open to students at A&M-Commerce who are completing a degree and certification as a teacher. Applications are available from officers or the student teaching (internship & residency) cohort coordinator. Cost is $42.50 for a year’s membership which includes the Kappan and Acanthus Leaves. The chapter certificate of membership is included and the undergraduate member may convert to regular membership after graduating and beginning their career. There is no formal ceremony required for undergraduate membership. All meetings are opened to these members. Renewal is possible for students who need a second year.

Senior membership - available to Kappans with ten years of regular membership who have retired from the profession and have reached 55 years of age. Dues are one-half regular costs.

Emeritus membership - available to Kappans with twenty years of regular membership who have retired from the profession and are 65 years of age. Dues are waived and this membership must be applied for at the appropriate time.

Life membership - available to regular membership Kappans who desire to pay the life membership fee to the international HQ. See the web page for details.

Multiple membership - available to a Kappan who moves and wishes to maintain membership in more than one chapter by paying the additional chapter dues.

As a member of Phi Delta Kappa

This is my code and creed...

I dedicate myself proudly to my profession in the belief that universal education is the foundation of our society's strength.

I will strive through:


To seek accurate knowledge in the art and science of education.

To utilize such knowledge for the improvement of teaching.

To share new truths with fellow workers.


To help children and adults become more effective members of our society.

To perpetuate and to improve educational standards.

To foster free and equal educational opportunity for all.


To assume an influential role in education.

To stimulate in others the qualities of leadership.

To guide learners toward worthy academic, economic, moral,

social, and spiritual competence.