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MSW Program

A&M-Commerce School of Social Work is now offering a fully online program option for the MSW degree beginning Summer of 2020.


Degree Plan 

The MSW Foundations degree plan consists of forty-eight (48) credit hours of coursework in a variety of topics. Full-time students can expect the program to take about two years, with the first year focusing on building a firm knowledge base through course work and the second focusing on applying acquired knowledge through field education/practicum. Part-time students can expect to attain their degree in about 4 years. Research options are available and encouraged for all MSW students.

The MSW Advanced Generalist Practice degree plan is available to students that have a BSW degree accredited by Council on Social Work Education. It consists of thirty-six (36) hours of coursework in a variety of topics. Full-time students can expect to complete the program in one year, and part time students can expect to complete the program in about 2 years.

Degree planning is based on the semester in which a student enters the Social Work program, and is dependent on their status (full-time or part-time) and advanced standing. 

Selected Course Descriptions

Only 4 courses listed.

SWK 501 - Generalist Practice with Individuals, Families, and Small Groups
Hours: 3
This foundation practice course provides an overview of social work values, skills, and knowledge from an empowerment and strengths perspective to mezzo and macro systems (ie., organizations and communities). The relationships between communities, organizations, human diversity and at-risk populations are infused throughout the course.

SWK 510 - Clinical Practice in Mental Health
Hours: 3
Students will develop the ability to understand and apply the DSM-V in advanced generalist social work practice. Students will be expected to use critical thinking and evidence-based practice approaches with clients experiencing mental health issues.

SWK 541 - Social Justice For Oppressed Populations
Hours: 3
Social Justice for Oppressed Populations. Three semester hours. This foundation course provides students with knowledge about social work with diverse populations. The emphasis of this course is on developing an understanding about client groups who are oppressed in our society based on factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Attention will also focus on systems which perpetuate oppression and exploring mechanisms for achieving social justice.

SWK 508 - Social Work Supervision and Administration
Hours: 3
Social Work Supervision and Administration. Three semester hours. This advanced practice course provides students with theories and skills needed for supervision of direct service staff and management skills in human service organizations.

Program Goals