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COEHS Mentor Center FAQs

FAQ Answers

  •  Where is the COEHS Mentor Center located?  The COEHS Mentor Center is located in the Frank Young (Education North) building, Rooms 204-205.  This building is next to Velma K. Waters Library and across the parking lot from the Field House.  Please know that Education North shares a building with Halliday.  Here is a campus map to assist you navigating the campus.

  • Where do I go for academic advising?  Every student has an academic advisor within the college of their major.

  • When do I go to an academic advisor and leave a success coach? If you meet one (1) of the following statements, an University College Success Coach is the person you will need to schedule an appointment with before being permitted to register.

    • If you have not successfully completed English 1301
    • If you have not successfully completed Math 141 (or equivalent or higher level Math course)
    • If you are a first-time freshman
    • If you are a transfer student with less than 30 hours
    • If you are on academic probation or suspension
    • If you are CURRENTLY enrolled in Developmental English or Math
    • If you are NOT complete with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) scores ( )

      To Contact: or 903.468.8174

  • If I have questions about my Degree Works audit, who should I contact?  If you have any questions regarding your Degree Works AND your major falls in the COEHS, please contact or visit the COEHS Mentor Center at:  903.468.3144 or Education North 204-205
  • If I have a hold on my account, where do I go to have it removed?  If you have discovered that you have had a hold placed  on your account, you must first discern which type of hold it is.  Below is the list of the most common holds and where you should go to have it removed.

    • Meningitis Hold   -   Admissions   -   903.886.5102
    • Transcript Hold    -   Admissions   -   903.886.5102
    • Orientation Hold  -   Orientation   -   903.886.5088
    • UC Hold             -   UC Success Coaches  -  903.468.8174
    • Financial Aid Hold -  Financial Aid  -   903.886.5096
    • Fiscal Hold          -   Bursar's Office - 903.886.5051
    • Academic Hold     -  Depends on the college of your major:
      • CHSSA    -    903.886.5778
      • COB       -    903.468.3197
      • COSEA     -   903.886.5776
      • COEHS     -   903.468.3144
  • What if I have questions regarding my financial aid?  While the COEHS Mentors are happy to assist you with your financial aid questions, our expertise lies more in the curriculum and degree planning.  Please contact a Financial Aid officer by calling:  903.886.5096.  The Financial Aid office is located in the One-Stop Shop.  General questions, applications, and forms including changing one's financial aid status may be found by visiting the Financial Aid website.
  • How do I contact the Testing Center (Student Assessment Center)?  The Testing Center (Student Assessment Center) is located in the One-Stop Shop and can be reached at:  903.886.5122

  • What different tests are offered at the Testing Center (Student Assessment Center)?  Currently, the Testing Center offers the following tests:  Compass, Hesi-2A, Spanish Placement, Math Placement, the"new" TSI, and TOEFL.  For more information about the tests and what is needed to take them, please contact the Testing Center at:  903.886.5122

  • How do I contact the Registrar?  To contact the Registrar's Office, please call: 903.886.5068 or visit the One-Stop Shop

  • How do I register for orientation?  To register for Orientation, please follow this link and use the steps presented to you.

  • What do I need to do before orientation?  If you are unsure what you need to do BEFORE you come to Orientation, please click the following link:

  • How do I get tutoring assistance?  If you find yourself in need of tutoring assistance, please contact the Academic Success Center at:  or Jodi Oelrich at:  903.468.8620.  Please do not wait until the end of the semester to ask for assistance.  If you know you are in a difficult class/subject or notice that  you are struggling the first couple weeks of class, please ask for help, so that your grades will not suffer.

  • How do I request a copy of my university transcript?  If you are in need of your transcript from Texas A&M University-Commerce, please contact the Admissions office at:  903.886.5102

  • How do I submit a copy of my transcripts to the university?  If you need to have official transcripts sent from a different college/university to Texas A&M University-Commerce,  request the transcript from the other school you attended and have it delivered either by hand or mail to the Admissions Department at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  Please know that this transcript MUST remain sealed (enveloped unopened ever), to be considered an "official" transcript.  All else will be deemed unofficial.

  • How do I get permitted into a class?  To be permitted into a class that is in need of instructor or departmental approval, you must go to the department in which this class is being offered.  This is often needed if the class seating is already full or special permission is needed by the professor.

  • How do I add or drop a class?  If you have questions about adding or dropping a class, please contact the COEHS Mentor Center.  If you are adding a class, the following form will need to be filled out in it's entirety.

  • How do I apply for my field-based teacher education internship/residency?  To apply for field-based teacher education internship/residency, an application must be filled-out with the Texas Certification Office in the Education North building.  Applications for Field-based Teacher Education are always submitted during the first two weeks of the semester.  Each person should apply the semester before they are planning to student teach.

  • What are the Texas A&M University-Commerce satellite campuses and how can I reach them?  The satellite campuses of Texas A&M University-Commerce include:

  • How do I apply for graduation?  Texas A&M-Commerce provides information and step-by-step procedures in order to assist you with a smooth graduation process and to aide you and your family in celebrating your success at Commencement.  Your academic mentor can assist you with a pre-graduation check which is preferably completed BEFORE your last semester and application for graduation.  Graduation information may be found at the Graduation website.  Please complete an early pre-check for graduation by printing and referring to your most recent Degree Evaluation printed from MyLEO. 

  • If I have trouble with my MyLEO password, who should I contact?  If you are having difficulty accessing your MyLEO or have forgotten your password, please contact Information Technologies at either: or 903.886.6000
  • If I would like to know if a class can be substituted for another class, who should I contact?  If you are wondering if a class that  you have already taken or desire to take can be substituted for a class listed in your major's degree plan, please contact either your faculty advisor or Pam Wright in the Admissions Department at:

For any questions not already addressed, please feel free to contact the COEHS Mentor Center at:  or  903.468.3144.