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The Department of Political Science

Welcome to The Department of Political Science at Texas A&M University-Commerce!

The programs offered by The Department of Political Science are research intensive to improve our students’ analytical ability, written and verbal communication skills, critical and creative thinking, in addition to developing a greater understanding of the diversity and interconnectedness of our world.   The development of these skills and understanding prepare our students for more advanced academic work as well as careers in public service, government, law, non-governmental organizations, and industry.  Indeed, as a traditional liberal arts degree, a degree in political science opens a wide variety of opportunities for careers and service. 

As William Dix noted in Forbes magazine:  “Dedicated to the free and open pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, a liberal arts education provides a multi-faceted view of the world. It enables students to see beyond one perspective, encouraging them to understand others' even if they don't agree.”  This ability to comprehend a wide variety of perspectives is essential in the 21st century.

The members of the faculty in Department of Political Science are content experts and accomplished scholars who cover the breadth of the discipline.  Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty to develop their own scholarship in American government and politics, comparative politics, international relations, public policy, and political philosophy.  In addition, the Department sponsors study abroad programs, simulations of international organizations, and an annual remembrance of the Holocaust.  Students that excel in their programs have the opportunity to join Pi Sigma Alpha, the award-winning honor society for political science.

Please feel free to check out our programs for undergraduates in political science and paralegal studies, graduate students (including a certificate program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies), in addition to the specialized minors in LatinAmerican and U.S. Latino Studies, and Legal Studies.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

Jeffrey C. Herndon, Ph.D.

Department Head and Associate Professor