Yvonne Villanueva-Russell

  • Affiliated Professor of Sociology
  • Assistant Dean, Honors College

Education: Ph.D., University of Missouri – Columbia, 2002
Office: Prairie Crossing 100
Phone: 903-886-5001
Email: yvonne.vrussell@tamuc.edu
Skype: yvrussell1

August 14, 2015 - Announcement from the Honors College

Greetings all.  I am excited to announce that Dr. Yvonne Villanueva-Russell has joined the Honors College as the new Assistant Dean.  Dr. Villanueva-Russell comes to us from the Department of Sociology where she served as Associate Professor and had previously also filled the role of Department Head.  Dr. Villanueva-Russell earned her Bachelors and Masters degrees from Western Illinois University and her PhD from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She is a long standing member of the University Honors Council and has taught numerous honors sections.  She brings great energy to the classroom and we look forward to bringing that energy and love of learning to her work in the Honors College.  

Research Interests:

Medical Sociology; Organizations; Occupations and Professions; Theory;
Qualitative Methodology

Recent Publications:

Journal Articles

Villanueva-Russell, Yvonne. 2011. “In whose interest does evidence-based practice operate?” Illuminate 4:1, 4.

Villanueva-Russell, Yvonne. 2011. “Caught in the crosshairs: Identity and cultural authority within Chiropractic.” Social Science and Medicine 72:1826-1837.

Villanueva-Russell, Yvonne. 2009. “Chiropractors as folk devils: Published and unpublished coverage of a moral panic.” Deviant Behavior 30:1-26.

Villanueva-Russell, Yvonne. 2008. “An ideal-typical development of Chiropractic, 1895-1961: Pursuing professional ends through entrepreneurial means.” Social Theory and Health 6:250-272.

Recent Courses Taught-Undergraduate:

Introduction to Sociology (Honors)
Deviant Behavior
Sociology of Health & Illness
Sociology of Complex Organizations
Sociological Theory
Qualitative Methodology
Elite Deviance

Recent Courses Taught-Graduate:

Classical Sociological Theory
Contemporary Sociological Theory
Medical Sociology
Women Founders of Sociology
Deviant Behavior
Qualitative Methodology

Research Grants:

  • “Using Evidence to Make and Account for the Decision to Not Vaccinate” Research Enhancement Grant. Graduate School, Texas A&M University-Commerce. 2010 (funded $6,000)
  • “Canadian Newspaper Coverage of a Moral Panic” Graduate School, Texas A&M University-Commerce. 2007 (funded $300)
  • “Subethnic Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease” with Chris Myers, Department of Marketing; Graduate School, Texas A&M University-Commerce. 2006 (funded $600)

Awards and Recognition:

  • Chuck Arize Faculty Senate Award for Innovation in Teaching, 2012
  • Service Excellence Award, 2012
  • Teaching Excellence Award, 2011
  • Layperson of the Year; Sherman College of Chiropractic, 2010

Fall 2015 Courses:

  • SOC 491 H Independent Honors Rdgs  CRN: 83251
  • SOC 518 Thesis  CRN: 81327