Elizabeth Soeder

Elizabeth Soeder - Intern at MTC Correctional Facility


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My name is Elizabeth Soeder and I currently a senior at Texas A&M Commerce. I am majoring in criminal justice and want to pursue a career in law enforcement. I live with my boyfriend of six years in Commerce and love living so close to campus. I work at the Campus Recreation Center part time during the week and a restaurant in Rockwall on the weekends. I really enjoy disc golfing in my free time when it isn’t raining all the time.

In November of last year, I was presented with a suggestion from my aunt to apply for an internship with MTC. She worked as an auditor for MTC, and knew what a great opportunity it would be for me. She told me about their great internship program they offered in Centerville, Utah in the corrections department. MTC does so much more than corrections, things like education and training, MTC medical, and economic and social development. I was more interested in the corrections side since I was a criminal justice major, so I applied. In the time between applying and getting the interview, my aunt became a warden for one of their prisons in Kyle, Texas. I was given a Skype interview and a few days later offered one position of eight interns that were chosen.

My internship began on May 11th and I was given a family house to live in picked by the company, which is someone who works for the company. They house me and feed me for no cost, just nice people helping out interns. I began the week with just a tour, and meeting our mentors. The next day they threw us in the deep end and told us to start swimming. We were presented with projects and began right away. My main project is to go through about 150 protocols created by the American Corrections Association (ACA) and make sure the information is updated. I also must clear out all the old documents and put them in new storage while refilling the folder with all the new documentation needed in case they were to get audited.

This is just the beginning of one wonderful opportunity to work with the third largest private correctional companies in the world. I am looking forward to my trip to one of their private prisons in Kingman, Arizona next week.  5/16/2015