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Student Comments

Here is what some of our successful graduates have to say about the Political Science Program at Texas A&M University Commerce:

"I can honestly say that my experience with the Political Science Department helped develop my ability to think critically and analyze information in a swift manner . . . As an employer I look for people with skills that my company will be able to broaden, enhance, and develop. My degree in Political Science gave me the broad based education that is crucial in today's economy. I am able to apply my educational experience to the business market--organizational skills, ability to communicate effectively, ability to understand the value of diversity, the importance of teamwork and setting and achieving goals. These are all traits that my area of study helped me develop and without which I would not be able to compete in the business world." -- Michelle Greenstreet, Director of Recruiting, The Associates, Irving, Texas

"I have studied government and politics and have taught on a variety of campuses . . . In none of these institutional settings have I met nor interacted professionally with anyone with more dedication, professionalism, and basic command of their field than I experienced at Texas A&M University-Commerce . . . I cherish memories of . . . a caring, challenging atmosphere where faculty take students and teaching seriously and still manage to stay active in the profession beyond the campus." -- Timothy Hoye, Professor of History and Government, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas

"I want the Political Science Department to know how very much my education and experience at Texas A&M University-Commerce has meant to me. The education has well prepared me for the jobs of teaching, social work, and practicing law. I feel the education was detailed and well-rounded . . . The professors in the Political Science Department served as concerned, professional mentors. I am also very appreciative of the experiences I had outside the traditional classrooms at Texas A&M University-Commerce . . . I am very fortunate to have had such a rich educational experience, and I thank you." -- Justice, Fourth Court of Appeals, San Antonio, Texas

"Guided, encouraged, and challenged by the Political Science faculty, I learned to think, developing indispensable analytical skills. My educational experience at Texas A&M-Commerce was dominated by professors who stimulated my desire for knowledge and inspired me to explore. The attitudes of the faculty and students involved with the Political Science Department created an academic environment that fostered independent thought and expression. I attribute most of my academic enjoyment and success to the unique opportunity I had to establish close relationships with my professors." -- Barbara Lenington, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, TAMU-Commerce

"A program that does not stress the importance of both research and writing in one's studies has limited value. In stark contrast, a program that not only encourages these, but also teaches necessary skills is invaluable. This is exactly the kind of program that I found at Texas A&M University-Commerce.  At Texas A&M University-Commerce, along with the basics of Political Science, I learned where and how to access additional information. Moreover, I learned how to analyze that information, meaningfully interpret the findings, and coherently write about them. Not only were these skills essential for my academic success, they have proven to be indispensable in my professional life."   -- Clenton Winford II, Vice President, The Republic Institute, Dallas, Texas