Admissions Check

For admission into the BAAS degree program or BGS degree program you should have completed minimally the following:

65 total semester hours of college/university level course work from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning.

  • 35 semester hours in General Education including:
    • 3 SH of College Algebra or equivalent mathematics course
    • 6 SH of English Composition
    • 6 SH of American History
    • 6 SH of Natural Science 
  • 30 semester hours in your Career Field/Technical/Vocational discipline
  • Overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.6 on 4.0 scale

Career field requirements consist of 36 SH of general elective courses.  General elective coursework can be in any subject area or field, and are easily transferred to the degree. 

The ideal BAAS or BGS candidate has completed the general education or core requirement (43 SH), support courses in the major (6 SH), and has completed 36 SH in general elective coursework from an approved/ accredited institution. 


All BAAS and BGS majors have their Orientation requirement waived.  Students are not required to come to Commerce for Orientation or any transfer student event.  However, if you wish to come visit our campus and meet with an advisor you are welcome to come.

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