About Us

The Department of Mathematics at Texas A&M University-Commerce offers a Bachelor of Science with a major in Mathematics or a major in Mathematics with a Secondary Teaching Certificate (for students who wish to teach high school).  Other programs are also available for students, such as a Second Major in Mathematics, a Minor in Mathematics, and a Specialization in Middle School Mathematics. The Department also offers the Master of Science degree with optional tracks for Theoretical Math, Math Education, and Applied Mathematics.

The Department has 19 full time faculty members dedicated to excellent teaching, quality research, and professional service. Our traditional strengths include a well-established curriculum and a heritage of faculty who care deeply about students. Our research strengths include analysis, geometry, applied mathematics (statistics, image processing), mathematics education, and topology. We have published more than 220 peer-refereed journal papers, and, as Principal Investigator (PI) or co-PI, our faculty members have received more than a total of $8.1 million dollars from the National Science Foundation, US Department of Education, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and other funding agencies.

Our faculty members are active in national, state, and local mathematical societies.  They serve as editors and referees for mathematical journals, reviewers for mathematical textbooks, and organize and present at national and international conferences, as well as maintain memberships in over 20 professional organizations.

Students in the Math Department can find enjoyment, incentives and benefits through the study of mathematics at Texas A&M - Commerce. They may join faculty in departmental academic and social events, work under the direction of nationally and internationally renowned faculty on research projects, and present at mathematical conferences.

Directed and sponsored by our faculty, the math club organizes various interesting activities to engage our students in exploring mathematics. In recent years, students have won first, second, and/or third place at the statewide Calculus Bowl Competition, at the Annual Meeting of the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) conference. At the same conference, students have won Best Undergraduate Presentation in the Category of Knot Theory, Number Theory, and Graph Theory. The department is extremely proud of these student accomplishments.

In addition, the department offers financial support to the students who choose math as a major.  Scholarships in recent years have totaled in excess of $40,000, and we also offer employment for top students in the Math Skills Center.

Proportionally, we produce as many or more public school mathematics teachers as any university in Texas. Our students do extremely well in the state teacher certification exam. The success rates are over 95% for both the secondary and middle school programs. Our graduates have successfully built careers in industry, government, business, scientific and technological fields, computing and information science, actuarial work, and education. For example, employers of our graduates include Texas Instruments, L3, General Dynamics, and high schools in the northeast Texas region. Some of our graduates continue to pursue their Ph.D. degrees in mathematics and related areas.

Overall, the department is a vibrant and active community.  We welcome students who have an interest in mathematics in a variety of ways and at different levels.  The faculty and staff members are willing to assist you in developing your graduation goals as you pursue your dreams.  For more information, contact us!