Program FACTS


  • The BAAS in Organizational Leadership is a competency-based program that prepares innovative leaders for employment in an increasingly technological and global society.
  • The degree program focuses on leadership skills, including instruction in organizational planning, dynamics of leadership, finance, team building, conflict resolution and mediation, communication, and other leadership and managerial skills that are applicable to all types of organizations including business, government, non-profits, and education.
  • This entire program is available online and is tailored specifically for adult learners. 
  • Tuition is a flat rate per seven-week term. Texas Residents pay $750 per term and Out-of-State Residents pay $2,500 per term, and many of the courses include e-textbooks incorporated in the online competency modules.
  • Students initially register for a maximum of 6 hours (two courses) prior to the beginning of each term. When students complete all of the competencies mapped to the courses, they have the opportunity to accelerate into another course with the expectation it will be completed by the end of the term. Students are able to accelerate, one course at a time, and complete as many competencies in each term as they are able and shorten their time to degree completion. Please note: Students are not allowed to add courses during the final two weeks of the term.
  • If students would like to receive college credit for demonstrating prior learning for their military service (ACE), work experience, professional training, licenses, certifications, and by exam through the College Level Exam Program ® (CLEP), please see Potential Opportunities (ORGL Majors).
  • Students in the BAAS in Organizational Leadership degree program develop practical workplace competencies that meet current and future challenges through real world coursework.
  • Academic advisors and instructors work closely with students to mentor them and guide them through demonstrating mastery of competency.
  • There are three components to the 120 semester credit hour degree:
    1. General Education/Core Curriculum (42 semester credit hours) where students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of general education competencies without needlessly sitting through introductory courses.
    2. Professional Development Electives (48 semester credit hours) where students can demonstrate competency in a variety of related fields.
    3. Upper Division Applied Coursework (30 semester credit hours) which builds on and applies work-related skills in four mastery areas.