Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I purchase ceremony regalia?

A) You can purchase your regalia during the Graduation Fair or by contacting the Texas Book Company at 903-886-5830 or

**if you are purchasing a Master’s regalia set you will need to purchase the hood as well.

2. What time are the graduates to arrive at the ceremony?

A) Please report to the commencement location 45 minutes prior to your ceremony.

3. What time do the doors open for guests?

A) Doors will open 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony.

4. Where should visitors park their cars?

A) Any designated available parking area; please see directional signage and refer to the campus map.

5. When/how will I receive tickets? 

A) After the application filing deadline has passed, the number of tickets allotted each student are calculated and the information will be posted to the graduation website.  Tickets will be available through your myLeo account approximately 4 weeks prior to the ceremony.  Email notification will be sent to your myLeo when they are available.

6. Will there be extra tickets available?

A) We carefully calculate tickets based on the seating capacity of the venue divided by the number of graduates attending.  Students will have the opportunity to donate unused tickets back to the ticket pool which will allow students to print extra tickets.  The amount of extra tickets available will depend on the size of the ticket pool but usually no more than 2 will be available.

7. I was allotted more tickets than I actually need. What do I do with my extra tickets?

A) If you have extra tickets that you won’t be using, PLEASE donate them back to the unused guest extra ticket pool.

8. If there are no arrangements for children, what are the guidelines for allowing children into the ceremony?

A) Space and Occupancy loads for entry into the field house for graduation require every guest to have a ticket, including children of all ages.  

9. I want to take an individual graduation picture, when and where can I do that?

A) During the ceremony, you will have your picture taken two times by a professional photographer.

10. Is there a specific dress code?

A) The dress code can be found via downloading the Commencement Ceremony and Academic Regalia document.

11. Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony?

A) No, diplomas are sent to your address you supplied on your graduation application approximately 6-8 working weeks after commencement.

12. What if I don’t receive enough tickets to invite all my guests to attend the ceremony?

A) There will be an overflow room available for guests who don’t have a ticket to watch the ceremony projected live. The overflow room is located in the Student Center in room Innovations A&B.