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Registration and Transcript Holds

Failure to pay outstanding charges by established deadlines will result in a financial hold being placed on a student's account. A Financial Services registration hold prohibits a student from adding a class if a past due balance is greater than $200. A transcript hold prevents a student from obtaining an official transcript if a past due balance is greater than $1. 

Financial holds include:

  • delinquent tuition/fees & housing
  • delinquent loans
  • returned checks
  • miscellaneous departmental charges 

Financial holds are updated each night through a batch process. University cashiers may also remove financial holds if a student's delinquent account is paid in full-however, in certain circumstances, hold removal may be delayed for various reasons (allowance for check clearing, etc).

Delinquent debts can result in placement with a collection agency at which time collection costs will be assessed increasing the amount owed.

Registration Holds

Waiver of registration holds is at the discretion of the Bursar's office. Students are expected to pay their accounts on a timely basis-failure to maintain your account in good standing can have unfortunate consequences. If you are asking the university to waive a registration hold, you must be prepared to show how you plan to address your past due status. The Bursar's office will try to work with you, but our flexibility is limited.

Transcript Holds

Financial holds like those described above will prevent release of an official transcript. To request a waiver of this provision, students must submit a request in writing to the Bursar. This request should outline the purpose of the transcript request and any circumstances that might impact evaluation of the request. Contact information must be included. Under no circumstances will an official transcript be released directly to any student still owing a balance to the university but you can request that transcripts be mailed or faxed to a third party such as an employer. Transcripts will not be provided for the purpose of enrollment at another university. All inquiries will receive a response within 48 hours of receipt.