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Veteran's Vigil 2020

Texas A&M University-Commerce presents a unique program on campus which honors our men and women who served their country during times of military action. From 1949 until 1991, the Air Force ROTC unit on campus conducted the time-honored ceremony: Veterans’ Vigil. Unfortunately, the unit was lost due to retrenchment by Congress in 1991. The University chose to continue this tradition, and in 1992, established a committee comprised of community leaders, faculty, staff and students charged with continuing this legacy.

Picture of an F-16 flying over veteran's memorial

So many fates are left unknown
And so many rumors that abound.
So many families ask the question,
“When will, the answers be found?”
So many years have come and gone;
Sometimes, hope is hard to keep.

There’s some who feel there’s none,
And in some, it’s buried deep.
The pain is in not knowing
How to put loved ones to rest.
When there is no way to prove,
They have passed the final test.

But, no matter what the answers,
We can’t let this cause alone,
Until each and every one of them
Is found and brought back home.