Who must attend International Student Orientation?

All new F1 and J-1 international students to A&M-Commerce must attend the International Student Orientation.  Students studying at A&M-Commerce while in the U.S. with any other non-immigrant visa (ex...H, E, L visa) are encouraged to attend the International Student Orientation but are not required. New English Language Institute students will be required to attend the ELI orientation and you may go to the ELI website for more information.  

The only students who will not be required to attend the ISSS International Student Orientation are listed below.  The students listed below will need to schedule a face to face orientation and check-in with an international student advisor prior to the start of the semester:

  • Current A&M-Commerce students who are changing their education level (example...bachelors to masters or masters to doctorate).  Students completing the ELI and beginning studies in a degreed program (bachelors, masters, doctorate) will be required to attend the international student orientation.
  • Current A&M-Commerce students beginning a second degree at the same education level (example...beginning a second masters).
  • Current A&M-Commerce students on OPT who will return to begin a new academic program.
  • Students who have filed for a change of visa status to F-1
  • New students studying in the English Language Institute will need to attend the ELI orientation.

Who must attend a check-in and welcome session with the ISSS?

All new F-1 and J-1 international students must attend a check-in and welcome session with the ISSS prior to registering for classes. Students may review the check-in schedule here.  

Students matriculating from the ELI to a degree program or starting a new degree program are required to check-in.  

Students who are studying at A&M-Commerce under a different visa category (for example...H visa, E visa) are not required to check-in unless they have applied for a change of visa status to F-1.  

Undergraduate Students 

All new undergraduate students are also required to attend the New Student Orientation. During the summer the ISSS will host an abbreviated orientation and check-in on the first day of the New Student Orientation (except June 2-3) from 1pm-3pm for all new undergraduate students for the fall.  This orientation is only for undergraduate students. You may email New.Intl@tamuc.edu    for more information.