About Us


The Department of Campus Recreation enriches student life and promotes wellness for the University and community by providing diverse recreational opportunities, facilities, and educational programs.


We aspire to be leaders in student development and collegiate recreation through programming, services, and facilities that reflect the highest industry standards.

Core Values

Integrity - We are committed to the highest level of ethical and professional behavior and actions.

Continuous Improvement - We are committed to safe and creative programs, services, and facilities that invite feedback, promote fun, and consistently seek opportunities for growth and innovation.

Service - We are committed to the effective and efficient use of student resources while providing exceptional service that is passionate, proactive, friendly, and professional.

Teamwork - We strive to develop a strong appreciation for the benefit of working mutually as a group toward a common goal; together we can achieve more.

Student Development - We are committed to engaging students with experiences and skill development opportunities that empower personal growth and enhance transferable skills.

Inclusion - We recognize and appreciate diverse cultures, experiences, and traditions and strive to provide inclusive programs and services.

Community - We promote and celebrate campus and community partnerships to enhance quality of life.

Well-being - We strive to provide the tools for others to develop positive habits that create a balance in mind, body and spirit. 

As a department within Campus Life and Student Development, Campus Recreation strives to Engage, Educate, and Empower the students of Texas A&M University - Commerce