Fall 2019 Trainers

LJ Finley Image

LJ Finley

Certification: ACE – PT

Client Motivation: Get stronger, but look good doing it!

Client Goals: We’re here to make these gains!

Ivy Carr Image

Ivy Carr

Certification: ACE – PT

Client Motivation: The best you can do is try. I’m here to help people better themselves, build confidence, and work towards their fitness goals.

Client Goals: To achieve a better lifestyle.

L:ucas Fick Image

Lucas Fick

Certification: ACE – PT

Client Motivation: Fitness is a science. Everybody is capable of change with the right program and dedication.

Client Goals: I would like to see all of my clients achieve greater wellbeing, not just in fitness, but in all aspects of life.

Anthony Dickey Image

Anthony Dickey

Certification: NSCF – PT

Client Motivation: Remind clients they are doing it.

Client Goals: Improve the clients quality of life in the most enjoyable way possible

Alexander Rodriguez image

Alexander Rodriguez

Certification: ACE – PT

Client Motivation: Making it clear to clients that accountability to each other and to the goals we set is the foundation of the program.

Client Goals:  Have obtainable goals that address both physical markers and the client’s mindset