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a preschool girl working on a writing activityThe Trailblazer Department consists of preschool ages, Pioneers and Navigators, and school age children, Backpackers and Scouts.   Both programs are using The Creative Curriculum, and STREAM activities are added to the school age curriculum when needed.  The curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning through studies with hands-on activities.  The curriculum helps teachers build children’s confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. 

Preschool – Pioneers and Navigators

The Pioneers and Navigators are combined for majority of the day rotating between one large classroom and 3-4 small classrooms.  The larger classroom is set up with most of the required centers.  The 4 small classrooms include a room with the loud centers (blocks, dramatic play, and music), a technology room, a science room, and a room with an extra library, art, and manipulative area.  When one group goes outside, the other group does their small group time and center time, which the teachers can focus on the smaller group of children. 

School Age - Backpackers and Scouts

We provide after-school care, and full day care for teacher workdays and holidays, and summer for children, Kindergarten thru 12 years of age.  After-school care offers snack, homework help, and activities. During full days, children are offered breakfast, lunch, and snack.  Both after-care and full day programs provide curriculum activities including centers such as writing, manipulatives, art, library, dramatic play, blocks, technology, and outdoors.  They also participate in field trips on the university campus, several times a week during the summer.