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Two male students working on school work in Science building foyer sitting on floor with books

Tutoring Programs

Science Tutoring in JAMP (STC110) for Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Supplemental Instruction (SI Leader)

Tutor.Com/TAMUC (online tutoring)

Walk-In Tutoring (Velma K. Waters Library)

Requesting online tutoring with ASC tutors:

ASC tutors are still working, we are now online working in D2L YouSeeU platform.  Live one on one tutoring is still available to you. Log into your My Leo, under apps select EAB, on the right side of home page click on "Get Assistance(blue bar) follow "how to make an appointment" pdf file. The location is based on what subject you are requesting, if you want Chem/BSc tutoring go to Science tutoring.  If you want others select the Velma K. Waters Library walk in tutoring.

More online services for you:

Computer Science courses via skype or zoom schedule is attached here;

For tutoring remember to bring:

  • Your textbook and any course materials, (handouts, lecture notes, review sheets, etc.)
  • A calculator for math

Student Disability Services