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Prices and Services

Marquee Packages
  • $50/week
    Includes 2 on-campus marquee locations (Artwork must be provided in the correct format and ready for print)

  • $75/week
    Includes 3 on-campus marquee locations (Artwork will be designed and formatted by the Pride Shop Staff)

Digital Package

  • $30/week
    Includes an RSC Video Wall, info screen, and touch screen 
Creative Design Service Fees
  • $12/hour 

   Design services for print and digital media

           Includes formatting services, and replication 

24"x 36" Poster

  • $20/Waterproof

  • $15/Regular paper (not waterproof)

Terms and Conditions

Time required for project completion will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Most projects require at least two weeks from the request of design services to the project completion date. If we deem that there is not sufficient time to complete a project by the desired date, we may decline to take the project or may require a rush fee (TBD) in addition to any other design fees or production charges the project may require.