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The Texas A&M-Commerce Department of Art's upper-level Visual Communication courses in Art Direction, Design and New Media are reserved for students who have participated in the portfolio entry process. The entry process is a tool for the VisCom faculty to see a student's mastery of their foundations. The portfolio pieces requested are varied to give each student an opportunity to show their personal strength, whether it be visual, conceptual, writing, etc. The goal of the portfolio is for a student to convey potential and passion.


The portfolio for the Fall 2022 Entry Review will consist of the following items in the order listed below. All portfolio elements should be contained in a single, multi-page pdf. The ability to follow and execute instructions is an element of the review.

I. Cover Page

It should contain your name, CWID and area of emphasis. If you haven't decided, please choose your top choice. Choices: art direction, design, and new media. The design of this page is up to you.

II. Application for Portfolio Entry Review – Filled Out

A current unofficial copy of your university transcript with art foundation courses highlighted should be scanned and entered after your application.

  • ART 1316 Drawing I
  • ART 1311 Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory
  • ART 1312 Three-Dimensional Design and Color Theory
  • PHO 2357 Basic Photography I
  • ART 2313 Introduction to Visual Communication
  • ART 2323 Figure Drawing

III. Creative Pieces

  1. Visual Narrative – Write a narrative describing one of the three choices; A-ad, B-poster or C-motion located on the entry review page of the web site or the program blog. You may download the information. The narrative should be at least 250 words and no more than 300 words. Students answer the narrative providing a descriptive perspective, who the piece was addressing and what their chosen piece is trying to say to the audience with the purpose of incorporating visual vocabulary into their writing. The page should be titled with your name and student id centered at the top of the page with Visual Narrative of A, B or C, (depending on your selection) directly underneath it. Using spell-check is not only encouraged but recommended.




  1. Perspective Drawing – Choose or produce a drawing that exhibits an understanding of one or two-point perspective. This drawing can be from a course or produced for the portfolio.
  2. Photograph – Black and white or color. This photo should show an understanding of composition.
  3. Self Portrait with Container – Produce a self-portrait with a container. The definition of a container is visually defined by you. You may use the medium of your choice. This piece is an opportunity to exhibit conceptual thinking, craft
    and originality.
  4. Field Trip – Go to a paint or hardware store and pick out five paint color chips. You may use individual colors from different strips, but you must have five colors. Scan your chips. Apply a one color chip to define the purpose of a
    room in your college home, you must use five rooms. Rename the colors to describe your room choices. A room can be defined as anything with a door, for example a closet or a porch. Write two complete sentences about why
    you applied that color to the room. You can only use a color once. Layout all color scans, their new names and their two sentence rationale on one page.
    Fall 2020 portfolio entry review VisCom
  5. Software Application – Please provide a piece showing your understanding and application of computer software. For example a poster design, a character, your final project in Visual Communication 1 or an illustration produced on the computer.
  6. A and B. Free Choices-Please provide two pieces that show areas of personal visual strength that may not be recognized in the pieces above. If the chosen piece is 3-dimensional, please provide a photograph. Up to 4 different views of a 3-dimensional piece may be provided.

All items listed should organized in the order shown above and included in a single, multi-page pdf. Each of the six creative pieces should have the number it's fulfilling and at least once sentence about the piece in the lower right hand corner of each page .5” from the bottom and .5” from the right side of the pdf in a readable font, no larger than 10 pt.

This large document can be sent using any free document transfer software, Google drive access or Drop Box to: [email protected]. If using drop or google drive, don't forget to give access to [email protected]

These eight creative pieces will be used by the Visual Communication faculty to evaluate:

  • Ability to communicate through writing
  • Drawing ability
  • Understanding of positive and negative space
  • Design
  • Concept
  • Composition
  • Understanding of color
  • Basic software skills
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Craftsmanship
  • Basic photographic skills
  • Unique Individual skill set

Faculty recommendation

Each student is required to have one faculty recommendation. The faculty member can be a current or former University or Community College instructor the student has had a course with. The faculty member does not have to teach in the art department.

The VisComRecommendation.pdf should be emailed to faculty for their response. Their file should be named with your
first and last name followed VisCom Rec as the title. Example: JohnDoeVisComRec.pdf

The recommendation should be emailed directly to Lee Hackett at: [email protected]

The recommendation email must be received by Sunday, April 7 at midnight for the student portfolio to be considered complete.

Portfolio Due Date

Tuesday, April 7 at midnight.

Notification of outcome

  • Notification and acceptance is a two part process.
  • ONE-All students will be notified of review outcome via the e-mail address provided on the application form.
  • Notification will happen as soon as possible after the review.
  • TWO-Students who are invited into the program must reply by e-mail with an acceptance/decline for their seat in the
  • VisCom program for the Fall of 2022 within three days of the notification.

No faculty member may help a student in building this portfolio, either through critique or piece selection. Part of the portfolio evaluation is based on the choices made by the student.

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