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Solve real-world problems

Prepare for an exciting career in the diverse and fast-growing field of computer science and information systems. You will network with industry leaders and work with accomplished faculty to master highly relevant coursework ranging from basic programming to specialized topics including computer networks, operating systems, cybersecurity, programming mobile devices and big data analytics. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed academically and professionally.

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Explore Our Programs

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Student Organizations

Epsilon Delta Pi

This organization encourages excellence in computer science by promoting the computer science profession, giving recognition to computer scientists who display professional achievement and quality of character and supporting those who work together to bond interested students.


The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to advancing the art, science, engineering and application of information technology. ACM serves both professional and public interests by fostering the open exchange of information and promoting the highest professional and ethical standards.

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Department of Computer Science and Information Systems :: Scholarships


As a computer science and information systems student, you have access to a wide range of scholarships specific to your degree.

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Our Research

Our computer science and information system faculty are excited to develop your knowledge and skills through research. Opportunities are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. We encourage you to discuss any research interests with your professors.


Cybersecurity refers to the use of practices, technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, software and hardware components, and data from malicious attacks and threats. Research is ongoing in the areas of information systems security, network security, cloud computing security, application security, data security, mobile device security and digital forensics.

Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems are characterized by the integration of computing, networking and control techniques to intelligently monitor, analyze and control physical systems equipped with software and hardware components. Research is focused on identifying problems, designing algorithms and developing solutions to enable more convenient, safe, resilient, robust and reliable systems. Research topics include Internet of Things, edge commuting, location-aware services, wireless/mobile hearth and intelligent transportation systems.

Big Data and Data Analytics

Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of data generated from a variety of users and devices anywhere and at any time. Technology innovations, advances in communication, and affordable user devices have all contributed to an explosion of big data with new opportunities and challenges. Research is being conducted in the areas of scientific data management, data analytics, data models, data retrieval and reduction, data integration and database.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence involves the study, design and implementation of intelligent agents to model and reproduce natural intelligence. Research in this field includes fundamental and applied topics including knowledge representation, machine learning, swarm intelligence, game and decision theory, data mining and natural language processing.

Coding Theory

Coding theory has traditionally been used for detection and/or correction of errors in noisy communication channels. More recent applications include data storage, data compression, cloud computing and cryptography. Coding theory is an inter-disciplinary subject with connections to computer science, electrical engineering and many branches of mathematics. This research focuses on construction and decoding of error-correcting codes obtained from discrete and algebraic structures.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Robotics and autonomous systems are used in a wide variety of environments and applications such as power line inspection, automotive manufacturing, construction, precision agriculture and emergency rescue. Robotics and autonomous systems combine computing, sensing, communication and actuation to perform a series of intelligent operations in complex and diverse environments. Researchers at A&M-Commerce investigate autonomous driving sensing and perception, human-computer interaction, and motion planning and control.

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Department of Computer Science and Information Systems :: Meet our Faculty and Staff

Meet our Department

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We are here to help!

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Contact Us

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  • Commerce, TX 75429-3011
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