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In the Fall of 2021, A&M-Commerce enlisted Huron Consulting Group as its partner to engage in the development of a Strategic Enrollment Plan (SEP). Together by facilitating a data-informed assessment and conversation on the current state of the university's enrollment and retention, Huron worked with a Steering Committee composed of a diverse array of campus leaders committed to guiding the engagement and implementation of the SEP.

Our Plan for Engagement

Our approach relies heavily on a balance of quantitative and qualitative assessments and engagement with multiple institutional stakeholders throughout five phases of work.

Our typical phases are outlined below, with representative activities identified:

Final Objectives

Completion of data-informed assessment and campus-wide conversations on the current state of A&M-Commerce's enrollment and retention resulted in the identification of areas of opportunity, including but not limited to:

Phase 1: Project Planning/Project Kick-Off
  • Confirming scope, project goals, and deliverables
  • Establishing Steering Committee Structure and cadence for meetings
  • Sharing data request to begin analysis
Phase 2: Current State Diagnostic
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews
  • Conducting enrollment and retention descriptive data analysis
  • Conducting or reviewing primary student research to understand decision-making factors for students
Phase 3: External Market Scan
  • Completing a market position analysis

Phase 4: Establish Strategic Priorities & SEP Framework
  • Establishing strategic priorities through facilitated conversations
  • Developing SEP Framework
Phase 5: SEP Development & Implementation Considerations
  • Drafting strategic enrollment plan draft
  • Soliciting feedback
  • Identifying implementation needs
  • Finalizing strategic enrollment plan

Final Objectives

The facilitation of a data-informed assessment and conversation on the current state of A&M-Commerce's enrollment and retention focused on identifying areas of opportunity, including but not limited to:

  • Stabilizing undergraduate enrollment by aligning A&M-Commerce's strategy and operational model with changing demographics and market recruitment demands,
  • Identifying critical factors that influence student retention and attrition,
  • Identifying potential markets of promise in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond, and
  • Identifying the academic programs that best align with market needs;
  • Development of a comprehensive, five-year strategic enrollment plan to define and drive institutional priorities for undergraduate and graduate student enrollment, including underpinning operations and technology; and
  • Establish a productive governance structure and associated working groups to develop the strategic enrollment plan and drive its execution.
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SEM – Steering Committee Members 2021-2022

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