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Student Resources

Here are some student Resources

myLeo Online (D2L Brightspace for all class courses)

There is a Student Resources course in myLeo Online which provides a tutorial on how to use the tools.  Login to with your student Campus Wide ID (CWID) to access the course:

myLeo Online Course Selector-Student Resource Course Indicated

If you do not already have access to this tutorial, please e-mail and we will enroll you accordingly.

Other Tips for myLeo Online

Quizzes - Submission View- to view results of quiz if instructor has released them

Class Progress- Located under the "Grades" part of the navigation bar, class progress has multiple categories for students to view how they are doing.

Microsoft Office 365

Get access to online only versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  You will not be able to download individual applications to your computer.  Account access is to the cloud only version.

Instructions (PDF) on how to create a student account with your Leomail address.  You can download finished files for sharing with instructors and students.

Proctorio Resources For Students

Proctorio is an online proctoring solution used in some courses.  It requires Google Chrome to function, and it is strongly recommended to use a "hardwired"/cabled Internet connection.  Wi-fi can be unreliable.

Below are some resources for students on using Proctorio.

Privacy Information and Privacy Flyer

Data Security

Proctorio Quick StartGuide for Test-Takers

Proctorio Checklist for Before Starting Exam

Proctorio Support Options

1. Start a live chat using the gray shield icon in upper right corner of browser window- (you must be within Google Chrome and within a course with Proctorio enabled)

2. Proctorio Live Chat Support (use Google Chrome).  Scroll down to click the gray button labeled "Start Live Chat"

3. Proctorio E-mail Support- 


YouSeeU-Virtual Classroom Info

Some professors might hold synchronous web-conference sessions in your course.  You can join via laptop, phone , or by calling in.